About Rosstopia

Ross Robinson is a home office and interior design expert.

My Story

Design is my life. My entire professional and personal life has been devoted to it. I have always been fascinated with how things looked and the intelligence behind their design. From interior design and architecture to art and film, I have always loved the effort and consideration put into creating beautiful things.

As time has passed, my interests expanded to how designs feel, function, and complement everyday life. I held those who could combine all these traits with the highest regard. 

My appreciation for products led me to a degree in advertising from Pepperdine University. I worked in the industry for six years, but my deep interest in the aesthetics, functionality, and intelligence of products and architecture grew and led me to take architecture classes.

Anyone who has worked in advertising or architecture knows that the demands of both are high. Soon, I felt pressure from both sides. I needed to make a decision, so I left advertising. 

A Whole New World

Gaining a degree in architecture takes serious commitment at added expense, so rather than dive into it completely, I tiptoed into the profession to see if it was a fit. I gained a job with an interior designer and was surprised that the designer and I worked extremely well together, and the work was immensely fun.

The transition was so smooth that I shifted my attention away from architecture and into interior design. I put all my time and energy into servicing top-tier clients in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Montecito, and Hawaii.

black and brown leather padded tub sofa

Bringing It Together

Throughout my time in interior design, my love of advertising products hung in the background. I realized I could experience the best of both worlds by doing advertising and marketing for design companies.

I took a job as a marketing manager for a startup furniture design brand in Los Angeles. I marketed the brand, supervised a sales team, and formed wholesale relationships nationwide. I also helped with the company’s transition to running a factory. Juggling all these tasks was arduous, but it was the most fulfilling work I ever did.

Paradise Found

They say you can love where you work or love where you live. I was surprised to find that living in a place that felt like home was what mattered most. I made the move to Hawaii and found it was the home I had always been looking for.  

Still, you can take the man out of design, but you can’t take design out of the man – and in the more casual lifestyle of Hawaii, the pull was stronger toward design than ever. I managed to juggle my love of Hawaii and design by working on design projects and gaining jobs with a few high-end retailers. 

aerial photography of Waikiki, Hawaii
Ross Robinson - Rosstopia

There’s No Place Like Home 

I kept my blinders on for six years, working diligently to grow the business. At the same time, another thought constantly nagged me, and it had nothing to do with design. Despite a love for Los Angeles weather, art, interior design, and architecture, the city never felt like home.

I had traveled to other markets across the country in my work, but only one place in my life had truly felt like home: Hawaii.

person typing on silver MacBook

Putting It All In Writing

Along my journey, my love for products that blend design and functionality remained, leading me to write about architecture, interior design, and home products. I became a top-rated professional writer. In my first year, I completed three cover articles for Design + Decor magazine while helping interior designers, architects, and top-tier builders create engaging content to increase their businesses. 

A Blog Is Born

Throughout my professions – and regardless of how busy my work life was – my love of design held firm. It often consumed all my free time outside of work. Even during my time in college, interior design, marketing, and sales, I drafted homes late into the night, constantly experimenting with design solutions. Each morning, evening, and weekend, I browsed the web and flipped through Pinterest and Instagram as part of my daily news feed, always hungry for news in the world of intelligent design.

Then it hit me: I could create a blog to share my knowledge of design and products that I feel solve home needs best and look the best doing it. Finally, I could indulge in all of my interests without restriction. 

Home office design was the ideal place to start. I had worked from home for eight years and had first-hand experience working with and selling some of the top home office products available. I could join these experiences with my interior design knowledge to help others create effective home office spaces – arguably the most important room of a home.

Rosstopia is here to share everything I have learned about working from home to help others in their home life. Welcome to my world.