best cable management for desks

Best Cable Management for Desks in 2024

Having all your work tools close at hand is one of the most important aspects of a home office setup, but many products have an annoying drawback: cords! The spaghetti look of loose wires makes your workspace ugly and distracting, even when you take time to choose the best-looking products.

There may come a day when they are a thing of the past, but for now, we’re stuck with them. Still, we can minimize the mess. 

I specialize in work-from-home setups, a topic close to home – literally. I have a home office that adopts a minimalist look.

Here are some ways to keep your workspace clean and tidy. I lay out some of the best cable management products that have an ultra-clean look and are effective at their jobs. 

The great news is that cord management is relatively cheap and makes unplugging and replacing needed items a piece of cake. No more fussing!

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Here are the best products I have found for cord management. You keep all the cords near you but in a way that is clean and tucked away so that your desk setup shines. 

Best Desk Cable Organizer

DELAMU 4 Pack Cable Management

About The Product

If you want to create the cleanest look under your desk and hide wires to the utmost, this cable organizer is a great choice. 

One of the biggest issues of cable organizers is poor adhesive. Cords may not seem heavy, but their weight will strain the management system, leading it to fall off. 

Another issue with a cord organizer for desk setups is the height. If the track hangs down too low, you can see it from the bottom of the desk, pulling away from the look of your desk. 

This product manages to avoid both issues and costs practically nothing. You get four raceways – the long channels where you run your cords under your desk. It also includes two cable clips that hold each wire in position on the edge or top of your desk for easy plugging and unplugging. Five reusable cable ties keep cords bundled together if needing an even cleaner appearance. 

My Thoughts

I was impressed with the adhesive aspects of this product, and the added lip on the raceways makes laying the cords easier than with other similar designs on the market. The cords are practically impossible to spot underneath the desk, creating the cleanest look, even if you use a standing desk. The added clips and ties mean you get most of what you need in one order and at minimal cost. 

The racetrack is too small to house a power bank or laptop adapter, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.


Size: 15.7″L x 1.1″W

Colors: white, black 


Items included:

4 cable raceways

2 cable clips

5 reusable cable ties

Best Charging Cable Organizer

Oakywood Triple Dock & Charger

About The Product

If you are looking for a clean solution for charging your smartphone, smartwatch, and ear buds, this is for you. This charging station by () provides a clean look while offering three charging ports: one for a phone, another for a smartwatch, and a third for either earbuds or a tablet. 

The cords run out of the back from one hole and can be coiled together or zip-tied for a cleaner look. Choosing charging cords that match your desk adds to the clean look. 

This product comes in oak or walnut. 

My Thoughts

I love the look of the wood against my electronics. It seems to exude a healthier vibe by blending nature and tech that feels very Japandi. Even though the product is designed for Apple products, you can easily change it by sanding the holes a tad larger to accommodate other ports. It took me about 30 seconds of sanding to make it work for my Android phone.


Size: 7″ x 3.5″ x 1.65″


Oak and walnut 

Material: Oak and walnut

Best Cable Management Box

D-Line Cable Management Box

About The Product

If you can’t mount the cords under the desk or hide them behind a filing cabinet, a cable management box is a clean desk cord organizer. It prevents wires from being exposed. 

My Thoughts

If your box will be exposed, this option is the best design I have found. It has the added benefit of air holes on the top to keep the heat out. It comes in black, white, or a blend of white and bamboo.   


Size: 12.75″L x 5″W

Colors: Black, white, and a blend of white and bamboo





Alex Tech Protective Wire

Best Cable Sleeve

Alex Tech 10ft - 1/2 inch Cord Protector Wire

About The Product

(1st sentence should be bold and clearly outline the benefit)

The material is pre-coiled on the long sides to allow you to add wires and close it relatively tight. At the same time, you can move one or more cables out of the strip as needed, and the strip still maintains its shape. 

It comes in three colors and 15 lengths, allowing you to achieve a clean look that fits your purposes. 

My Thoughts

I have shopped for cable sleeves before and find that this product’s ability to stay coiled and tight when wires are in it makes it the cleanest option. I also have a white desk and monitor, so the white option works best for me. 


Size: 15 sizes.

Colors: Black, white, and a blend of black and red

Materials: polyethylene


What Is Cable Management? 

Cable management is the process of organizing cords from electronic devices with clips, trays, and shelves that mount underneath a desk. 

Benefits of Cabinet Management

Using these products helps keep your cords orderly, easily accessible, and maintain a minimalist desk setup. The less you see them and the better you can access them, the better you are as a cord manager. 

Buyers Guide: How I Conducted My Research 

The results I listed here were determined based on my personal experience with cord management. Some factors I prioritized were: 

Appearance: The better they look, or the less you see them, the more you will enjoy them. 

Features: What were the best features of each product?

Negatives: What was missing from each product

Conclusion/Wrap Up

There you have it: my list of the best cable management products out today. These solutions are cheap and easy to adopt, helping you keep all those pesky cords organized for improved look and functionality.