A minimalist corner desk, one of the best corner desks for small spaces

6 Best Corner Desks for Small Spaces in 2023

Corner desks are smart solutions for tight rooms, but the best corner desks for small spaces also keep you productive. As an interior designer and a fellow remote worker, I’ve learned this lesson firsthand. An effective home office setup works with you and not against you, even if it is a small desk; otherwise, you’ll want to start a mutiny in the office – against yourself. 

If the desk is attractive, all the better. When you love the look of your workspace, you will work there longer to get more done.

Functionality and beauty are important parts of any home office setup (LINK), and the best corner desk can offer both. Still, you may hesitate to buy one because you may think you are cornered into one type. 

The good news is that a corner desk isn’t one thing. You can choose from many styles. To help, below is my list of the best small corner desks for small spaces. I then follow it up with a list of traits to look for while you shop and a desk guide outlining the basic styles in the market. You get everything you need to make the right choice. 

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What Are the Best Corner Desks for Small Spaces?

Here is my list of the best designs on Amazon today. 

1. Henn & Hart 42″ Wide Pentagon Corner Desk

Best Minimalist Corner Desk

The Henn&Hart 42" Wide Pentagon is one of the best corner desks for small spaces

When researching the best corner desks for small spaces, you won’t find one cleaner than this, which may leave you wondering, “Where do I put all my stuff?” Yes, productivity is key, and having items nearby is essential for it. Thankfully, there is a solution. You can select from a full range of matching metal frame tables and cabinet storage shelves on the same product page. The tall, narrow bookshelf option adds a good amount of storage in minimal footprint, but if you further maximize your floor space, you can go above your desk by browsing this shelving category on Amazon for even more options.

The glass corner desk design is easy to write on and clean, and the ultra-clean look of the desk is perfect for modern homes. The minimalistic design tucks away cleanly in the corner of a room. The gold finish also complements many of today’s interiors. Use the desk and companion pieces to finish the look of any room you work in, whether it be a central living space, den, or bedroom. The desk has a small footprint to ensure you have enough space, and the airy design keeps your workspace from feeling too tight. 

Key Benefits

  • Compact desk: just 42″ wide
  • Ultra-clean design
  • The companion furniture provides multiple storage options
  • The gold finish and companion pieces create a luxurious working area

Pros & Cons


  • Compact, stylish, and beautiful


  • You will need companion pieces for storage, and there isn’t a keyboard tray.

2. Leick Home Riley Holliday Computer Desk

Best Blend of Design and Storage in a Range of Styles

Corner Desk

This desk has an attractive minimalistic look, but it also comes with some handy desk features. You get a minimalist design with additional storage space for a keyboard, CPU, books, or narrow printer below. If you prefer a slightly different look, opt for a darker wood design or one in more of a craftsman style. 

The keyboard drawer front flops down, giving you easy access to the keyboard or game controller if the desk doubles as a gaming desk. while keeping your workspace uncluttered. The angled rear portion provides enough room for cords to fall down the back. A flat panel reduces cord clutter.

The desk is made from American hardwood, making it a good value for the money, and the desk comes in two finishes: espresso and black.

Key Benefits

  • Drop-front keyboard or optional storage drawer
  • Real American hardwood construction
  • Superior cord management
  • Two colors: styles: espresso or black

Pros & Cons


  • Clean design
  • Storage capabilities, including room enough for a CPU, printer, and/or books
  • Flop-down keyboard drawer or optional storage drawer


  • Review the drawer carefully to ensure enough room for your favorite keyboard and mouse. You may need to choose a smaller keyboard design to make this work.

3. Leick Home Chisel & Forge Corner Computer Desk

Best Blend of Design and Storage in a Traditional / Transitional Style

Leick Home Chisel & Forge Corner Computer Desk

This small corner computer desk is from the same maker as the second one on this list and offers the same benefits. You get a drop-down keyboard drawer that can be used as storage if you prefer, and the open storage area below provides enough room for a CPU and printer while positioning them high enough so your feet don’t kick them. You also get an angled back for easy cord dropping and a panel to hide all those ugly wires.

The beautiful design is indicated as modern, but it is obviously more traditional in nature. Still, it could be a transitional piece in the right home style.

Key Benefits

  • Clean, traditional, or transitional design
  • A desk with storage capabilities, including room enough for a CPU, printer, and/or books
  • A back panel to hide cords
  • Flop-down keyboard drawer or optional storage drawer

Pros & Cons


  • Storage for a CPU and printer and/or books
  • Excels at cord management
  • Beautiful design and gray finish


  • It does not indicate the same hardwood construction as the second item on this list, but you still get sturdy construction. 
  • You may need to use a keyboard without a number pad to give you the most room with a mouse, but that will depend on your keyboard. 

4. Bookcase Combination Desk

Best Corner Desk with Tall Storage

Writing Desk Creative Simple Corner

If space comes at a premium, look up your wall! This design offers the best of both worlds: a compact footprint and extra storage space under and over the desktop. The upper and lower shelves can hold different-sized objects, even a CPU or small printer on the bottom. Choose to store work materials, inspirational items, or plants to keep you feeling good throughout your workday.

The rounded front doesn’t take much space and also creates a soft appearance. The monitor tucks in nicely. Note that this desk may be tight for some computer setups, but if you need to save space, it is a terrific option. 

Key Benefits

  • Tall storage
  • Compact Design 
  • Modern styling
  • Steel frame

Pros & Cons


  • Ultra-compact design
  • Access stored items easily 


  • If you cross your feet while you write, you may bump into that center leg. 

5. FEZIBO Dual Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk

Best Standing Corner Desk for Multi-Tasking 

FEZIBO L Shaped Electric Standing Desk

The benefits of this desk design are impressive. First, you can keep multiple monitors, devices, and accessories nearby. If you have enough monitors to call your workspace a command center, this is the design for you. All screens can be placed next to each other and angled for easy eye movement while you type. You also have a monitor stand that leaves room to stash your keyboard or keep other accessories out of the way and still close at hand. The angled design provides you with ample space for accessories and other work tools. 

These benefits are enough to grab anyone’s attention, but things only go up from here…literally. This desk is also a standing desk. That’s right; you can avoid that pesky back and hip pain and gain a new perspective while working to keep you working longer and healthier. It has a 175 lbs load capacity, making it easy to store everything you need. It also features three memory buttons, making reaching the exact height you need easy. I own a standing desk, and that feature is a handy one.

But wait, that’s not all! The side of the desk features two hooks: one for earphones and another for anything else you may need nearby, such as a backpack. And don’t let the photo fool you: this isn’t only available as a white corner desk. You get three other colors to choose from: black, brown, or light rustic!

Key Benefits

  • Superior multi-task design
  • Standup capability
  • Monitor stand included 
  • Four colors to choose from: : white, black, brown, or light rustic

Pros & Cons


  • A multi-tasker and a gamer’s dream come true
  • Fast access to anything you need
  • Four styles to choose from
  • Earphone storage


  • The angled sides mean you don’t have a flat area in front of your keyboard.

6. EUREKA ERGONOMIC L Shaped Standing Desk

Best Overall Standing L-Desk 


This design is a bit longer than the others on this list (61″), but if you have enough room in your office space, it is a good option for staying productive.

Firstly, it is a standing desk, helping you stay more productive and healthier during your workday. The motor comes with two preset sizes for easy transitioning.

Secondly, the added desk space of the L shape desk design allows for more storage and more comfortable long days at work while still being smaller than many other L shaped designs. You have plenty of room to type along the long section and additional space on the side for storing go-to items. You also have a dual-monitor stand that can accommodate an extra-wide monitor, making a great choice as a gaming corner desk. You also get a keyboard drawer for more desktop space, and the drawer even includes a gel wrist rest for comfortable typing.

Having a standing design and keyboard drawer is especially handy because you can type at the ideal height you need.

The L-shape offers plenty of space. You even have enough room for a rollable file drawer if needed! (Sold separately.) You also get a low cup holder and earphone holder to maximize your productivity. 

The corner desk comes in two options: black with metal gold legs and walnut with black legs. 

Key Benefits

  • A comfortable workspace
  • Standing desk capabilities
  • Two color options: black or walnut
  • Added room for storage thanks to its L-shape design 
  • Dual monitor stand, cup holder, and earphone holder
  • The pull-out keyboard tray can be used with the motor for a comfortable typing height

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely comfortable design
  • Versatile thanks to its standup capability
  • Added room for writing or accessories on the L-section 
  • Can fit a filing cabinet under the L-section
  • All accessories, earphones, and a handy cup holder are all close at hand
  • Adjustable keyboard tray thanks to height motorization


  • The long size of 61″ may be challenging if you have a small space.


What to Look For in a Corner Desk 

Here are traits to look for when shopping for a corner desk that keeps you productive.

Comfortable Computer Access

A corner desk isn’t just a simple triangle-shaped design. It can also be an L-shaped design with equal or unequal sides or a blend of corner and side sections. Any section will work to house a computer.

Some find working in a corner a bit awkward due to the angle of the walls meeting directly in the middle, but there are ways around the problem:

  • Position the screen slightly more to the side.
  • Pull the desk further into the room to keep that corner off to one side of your field of vision.
  • Place a flat board such as a corkboard, whiteboard, or fabric thumb-tack board behind the screen to minimize visual disruption near your screen.

A Keyboard Drawer

Since space can be limited, consider maximizing your worktop space or storage using a lower keyboard drawer.

Desk Storage

Some designs include shelves and cubbies… and the more, the better. Even if your ideal desk doesn’t have these, neighboring walls work as ideal homes for storage and lighting. You can use the entire height of those walls and the area above the desk to include adjustable shelves and pegboards for more storage to maximize your workspace. My article on home office shelving provides storage ideas for corners and neighboring walls. I also provide a full list of home office lighting ideas to help you get the light you need without intruding on that storage.

Ample Foot Room

You may find it more challenging to position your feet comfortably with a corner desk, but there are some workarounds. The deeper the design, the more comfortable you will be. You can also use a standing design and walking pad to reduce aches and pains and stay productive. More on this in a bit.

Corner Desk Styles

Here are some corner desk styles. Each has its own benefits.

Compact Corner Desks Work for Ultra-Small Workspaces

Also known as corner computer desks or triangle desks, these desks excel at having a minimal footprint. You also have more arm room vs. a rectangular desk in a corner, and you maintain easy access to your computer from any direction. The work area is relatively small compared to other designs, so the bigger, the better. As I said earlier, a lower keyboard drawer will also help.

L-Shaped Desks Help When You Have a Little Extra Room

The term L-shaped is a bit of a misnomer. The letter “L” has one long section and one shorter one, but you can have equal-sized sides too. They can be angled in the middle for your monitor and keyboard drawer or just two sections at a right angle. Many designs allow for file drawers and added storage for pens, paper, and a keyboard. Some include a hutch or standing shelves to keep go-to items easily accessible.

The longer the sections of your L-shaped desk are, the more storage you get and the more people you can have working alongside you. The monitor can sit on a long side or in the corner. The size of your workspace is your ultimate determining factor, but an L-shaped corner desk is a great option for ample storage space.

Standing Corner Office Desks Take Productivity to the Next Level

The designs listed above may excel at keeping you working in a minimal space, but you will also be close to the walls and may need to reposition yourself to keep you productive. A standing desk, also called a sit-down desk or a sit-stand desk, helps you stay more comfortable throughout your busy workday by reducing back, neck, and hip pain from sitting in your chair.

Being height adjustable allows for differing positions and a fresh perspective to your workday, rejuvenating you for improved focus and efficiency. If you have enough room underneath, you can tuck an electronic walking pad for improved health and productivity. Today you can buy standing designs ranging from small, triangular designs to large, L-shape designs.

Floating Corner Computer Desks Provide the Most Room for Your Feet

Though there are plenty of corner computer desk options on the market and at varying price points and quality, you can create the perfect fit, height, length, and look with a built-in corner model. A floating top design also has the benefit of maximizing your legroom. You’ll love the added freedom.

How I Created My List of the Best Small Corner Desks

When doing our research to find the best product, we determined using these factors:

  • Features: What were the best features of each product?
  • Negatives: What was missing with each design?
  • Quality: How well will the product last? 

Small Corner Desks: a Fresh Angle on Productivity

This list of the best corner desks for small spaces helps you find a solution to maximize every inch of your room. You can avoid staring at the corner by using flat boards behind your monitor, repositioning the desk slightly off-center, or putting your computer along one side of an L-shaped design. Just follow whatever fits best for your space and keeps you as productive as possible. You can also add storage along the side walls and above the work area to keep needed office supplies close at hand.

You can keep comfortable with a comfy chair and standup models for a more productive day, and yes, those standup models do help. I have used one for years.

The designs can be tasteful and attractive while bringing a professional executive desk vibe within a smaller footprint. You’ll have your very own corner office desk.