Best Desks for Dual Monitors

7 Best Desks for Dual Monitors in 2024

Is any desk good enough? Not if you use two monitors. 

Sure. using dual monitors boosts productivity, which is the most important goal of any home office setup. You can view multiple documents at once for more efficient work. Still, with this benefit come challenges. 

The size and weight of a dual monitor setup require a desk with a sturdy foundation, ample leg room, ample width, and monitor stand placement that prevents your desk from sagging. 

As an interior designer focused on home office setups and a fellow remote worker, I’ve learned first-hand how important these traits are. This is why I compiled this list of the best desks for dual monitors in 2024. Each design helps you make the most of this ultra-smart way of working.

I also provide tips for setting up multiple monitors so that you don’t bend the top of your desk after only a few months of use. (Ack!)

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How I Picked the Best Desks for Dual Monitors

Here are the top factors for dual monitor desks:

Desk Size

The desk should be wide enough to hold two monitors comfortably if you place them directly on the desk or a desk shelf. The ideal width is 55″ wide or more, but it depends on the size of your monitors and your desk storage needs. Also, the wider the desk is off the outer edges of the monitor, the better the workspace will look.

Leg Room

The space underneath the top should be wide enough for your legs to move freely when pivoting between screens.

Desk Weight Limit

The desk should be strong enough to hold up to the weight of items you place on a desktop. Most desks fit the bill, but this trait should be considered. 150 lbs or more should be fine, but typically, the more weight it holds, the better the build quality and the greater the chance of avoiding sagging. These facts are why I chose desks that exceed 150 lbs.

You’ll need to factor in the weight of your work materials, dual monitors, and the mounts or shelves that hold the monitors.

Best Desks for Dual Monitors of 2024

I have searched high and low to find desks that meet the above requirements. Each of these do their jobs beautifully. They are also highly rated by users across multiple sources.

1. IBF Natural Real Wood Computer Desk

Best Blend of Strength and Low-Price

IBF Natural Real Wood Computer Desk

About This Product

This desk has some excellent benefits at a surprisingly low price. At under $200, the blend of the wood and metal frame holds up to 360 lbs. The crossbar at the bottom also adds to the sturdiness. The desk is open in the center, which means that even at its relatively small size of 55″, you still have enough room for your legs as you pivot between screens.

What I Think

This desk is a surprising gold nugget in a river of cheap desks on Amazon. It is not solid wood as advertised, which is disappointing, but it is still an excellent desk overall. The weight capacity and crossbar put you on a solid foundation. It is on the smaller side but can still work depending on the size of your monitors and overall storage needs. Your feet still have plenty of room. The desk is attractive and easy to put together. It also brings a nice masculine touch, if that’s your thing.


  • Size:23.6″D x 55.1″W x 29.5″H
  • Material:  Distressed faux fir wood or platane wood, both on a black metal base
  • Weight limit: 360 lbs
  • Colors: Fir and Platane wood top, black frame

Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful appearance
  • Ultra-strong
  • Plenty of legroom
  • Easy assembly


  • Not solid wood
  • On the smaller side for dual monitors (55″), but still works


Best Gaming Desk for Dual Monitors


About This Product

If you are a serious gamer or worker who doesn’t mind a large logo on the desk, this is the cockpit for you. The desk features shelves for speakers, dual monitor capability, a keyboard/controller drawer, earphone and cup storage, and ample desk space so you can pretend you are working between gaming sessions. The top even includes mounts for a phone and table. You also get two cord grommets, just in case you need more tech. The desk even lights up!

To top it off, the desk holds up to 400 lbs, making it a solid choice for dual monitors.

What I Think

With so many benefits in one design and the weight capability to do much more, this gaming computer desk is worth the added attention. Sure, the logo and race striping on the desk surface is a bit much, but few desks offer so much convenience. A desk mat will help it read cleaner.


  • Size:24″D x 72″W x 30″H
  • Weight limit: 400 lbs
  • Colors: Black with green logo and stripes

Pros and Cons


  • The ultimate gaming experience
  • It stores everything you need for both gaming AND working
  • The weight capacity is one of the highest on this list


The striping and logo aren’t my favorite, but you can cover some of it with a mat.

3. Uplift Standing Desk

Best Desk for Dual Monitors with Ample Design Options

Uplift Desk

About This Product

Uplift is known for its quality desks in various sizes, shapes, and colors, as well as for providing desks with a high weight capacity (355 lbs.) This selection from Amazon comes in five sizes and 20 design options at each size. You also get two grommets to disguise dual monitor cords, or you can easily attach the monitor arms and feed the cards off the back.

This is a standing desk, a compelling benefit for offices today. You can stand, stretch your legs, and enjoy a different perspective on your work to keep you at your desk longer and get more done. The weight capacity is quite high for a standing desk.

What I Think

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a desk that offers so many top-level attributes. You get the exact size, color, and design you need, along with grommets and plenty of space underneath to work on two monitors comfortably. The weight capacity is remarkable for a standing desk. You will pay a bit more for this brand (around $800), but you get what you pay for.

The only way to improve on this desk is to own an L-shaped design with a heavier weight capacity, which happens to be the next desk on this list.


  • Size: 5 size options
  • Weight limit: 355 lbs
  • Colors: 20 color and design options

Pros and Cons


  • Ample sizes and colors
  • Two grommets to hide monitor cords
  • Impressive weight capacity of 355 lbs.


The top can crack during shipping but is replaceable

4. Uplift Standing Desk

Best L-Shaped Desk and Weight Capacity

Uplift Standing Desk

About This Product

I hope you are sitting down. If not, do it in front of this desk (or stand if you prefer.) As mentioned in the previous listing, Uplift is well-known for its quality desks and weight capacities. This standing desk holds a whopping 550 lbs. I’m not sure why you need that, but suffice it to say you can mount two or more monitors with ease. It also comes with six size options, ensuring you get the right size for your work and for the room it sits in. You even get 28 design options! (You read that right!)

What I Think

The blend of height, weight capacity, and standing-desk capability make this my top choice. As you can tell, this desk will endure, making it a smart investment. With so many color and sizing options, you can easily find a functional that fits your aesthetic needs. Still, it’s pricey – over $1,500. This desk will set you back, though you may never buy another one.


  • Size: 6 sizes. See link for details.
  • Weight limit: 535 lbs
  • Colors: Over 28 options!

Pros and Cons


  • Massive weight capacity of 550 lbs
  • Adjustable standing desk
  • L-shaped gaming desk or work desk
  • Ample sizing and color options
  • A quality product
  • A spacious solution for even three monitors


The price may put it out of reach for some

5. Pith & Stem Drop Top Desk

Best Floating Desk with Dual Monitors

Pith and Stem standing desk

See It 

About This Product

You may have seen this desk online since it has a pretty strong presence on social media. The desk mounts directly to your wall and contains all of your go-to electronic work equipment in a small footprint. It is an ideal solution for small spaces such as office nooks and basement offices. When opened, it also provides ample room for work. The company makes different sizes, including two designs that accommodate dual monitors. The desk is made in options that hold 24″ or 27″ monitors. Remarkably, the custom hinges on the flip-down section can hold up to 165 lbs.

The picture-frame design can display up to 25 pieces of art, or they can add your own image. Choose from four desk colors, two electrical socket options, four power cables, and black or white frames.

What I Think

It’s hard to find a wall-mounted, collapsible desk that is sturdy enough for real work, but this one does the trick. It is durable, attractive, and minimalist while still usable as a real work device. Best of all, there are no legs on the desk, giving you ample room to work comfortably. All the monitor cords are stored cleanly inside, though the main cord leading to the wall plug will show if you don’t set it inside the wall.

You will likely need to store some work materials elsewhere since its storage is limited. Also, I’m not sure how well this works as an art frame. It sits off the wall, making viewing the art a bit awkward. Still, this is a fantastic design and a foldable desk you can ACTUALLY use. The desk’s weight capacity of 165 lbs is impressive. You must attach it to the wall, which takes some work, but thankfully, the piece comes fully assembled, cutting down on mounting time.

This desk is pretty pricey (over $1,000), but it is excellent quality and the ultimate solution for compact spaces that benefit from modular furniture or would otherwise require a corner desk.


  • Size with two 24″ monitors: 121 x 61 cm
  • SizewWith two 27″ monitors: 138 x 63 cm
  • Weight limit: 165 lbs.
  • Colors: 4 wood options, 25 art options, and two frame options (white or black)

Pros and Cons


  • Floating design
  • Minimalist storage
  • Dual monitor design
  • Holds up to 165 lbs


  • Requires installation
  • The art capability feels forced

6. ExaDesk Electric Standing Desk 

Best Desk for Dual Monitor and Built-in Storage

ExaDesk Electric Standing Desk with Storage

About This Product

This desk is meant to provide you with as many benefits as possible. You get ample room for two monitors and a shelf to hold them at a comfortable height. Four drawers help you store work supplies. The stand-up desk capability improves your productivity while keeping you healthy. And the clean look adds to the beauty of your office. Choose from three colors: black, rustic brown, and brown.

What I Think

This desk is a welcome addition to the list thanks to its storage compatibility, its blend of height adjustments, and the safe monitor storage. You have everything you need to stay at your desk longer, improving your work performance, and all in a small footprint of 55″.

This desk also exudes a Japandi vibe in case you love that type of design.


  • Size: 30″D x 55″W x 27″HWeight limit:
  • Colors: Black, rustic brown, or brown

Pros and Cons


  • Ample storage for work materials
  • Sturdy monitor storage
  • Standing desk design
  • Three color options
  • Japandi-like design


It holds the least weight on the list but is still doable for dual monitors.

7. BON AUGURE Industrial Desk 

Best Desks for Dual Monitors and Cord Storage


About This Product

This is another sturdy desk in terms of both the design and aesthetics. It holds up to 330 lbs, and the wood top and thick metal legs put your monitors on a solid foundation. This desk also includes a large grommet and a metal screen along the back that works for storage for any cords and plugs, preventing the spaghetti appearance of cords that make your workspace look and feel cluttered.

The desk comes in three wood-patterned options,  making it easy to find a look that works best for you and your space.

What I Think

This is a clean, sturdy desk where you will enjoy spending time and get things done. Your monitors are fully supported, and the 60″ wide design means you have plenty of room to work. The built-in cord management system also increases desk stability. It’s hard to knock this one.


  • Size: 23.62″D x 60″W x 30.12″H
  • Weight limit: 330 lbs
  • Colors:  Vintage, Grey, or Rustic Oak

Pros and Cons


  • Clean design
  • Ample weight support
  • Built-in cord storage


There is nothing to say here other than you may prefer something with more storage.


Pro Tips for Your Dual Monitor Setup:

Here are a few tips for mounting your monitors to get the most out of this type of work.

Best Monitor Placement

You’ll benefit from knowing a few tricks to prevent your dual-monitor setup from causing your desk to sag over time. It is best not to place them together on one arm in the center of the desk UNLESS there is a support leg underneath or close by; otherwise, the heavy weight on such a small section will lead to the top bending.

If you have the structural support for an additional monitor on the same arm, you can buy arms that let you adjust the monitors close or away from each other, or you can get creative and stack them vertically! Here’s a video that shows you how it looks.

Here are some solutions to better disperse the weight:

  • Place each monitor on its own arm and attach the arm to the far edges of the desk so they are close to the legs.
  • Use a monitor shelf to help disperse the weight more evenly across the desk surface.
  • Place the monitors directly on the desk instead of using arms.
  • Opt for one extra-wide monitor with a wide stand in place of two monitors.
  • Use a laptop on a separate stand as your second monitor.

Best Ergonomics for Two Monitors

The best way to position the monitors for comfortable working is to set them as close together as possible to limit your eye and body movement. (Your neck will thank you). Also, place the top of each monitor so it is at eye level. For monitors 30″ or larger, your eye should line up with the top 1/3 of the monitor screen.

Wrap Up

And there you have it, the best desks for dual monitors in 2024. Each one fulfills the main goals of a dual-monitor desk: sufficient strength, size, and leg room. All that is left is to select the look and functionality you love most and position the 2 monitors as I indicate above.

For more home office products and design tips, be sure to check out the rest of my site.


What Is a Good Desk for Dual Monitors?

The ideal desk has a weight capacity of 150 lbs or more (the heavier, the better), is at least 55″ wide, provides ample leg room, and doesn’t bend where the monitor arms are attached. The following desks excel at each of these traits.

How Do You Sit at a Desk with 2 Monitors?

The answer depends on how you use them. If you mainly work on one screen, center one screen in front of you and place the second monitor to the side. If you use both equally, have them meet in the middle. The main goal is to limit neck movement.