SIMPLIHOME Ellis 36 inch table is one of the best lift top coffee tables

9 Best Lift Top Coffee Tables That Put the Fun in Functionality

If you are looking to maximize the functionality of a living room, family room, or home office, a lift top coffee table is your magic solution. You can do more with one table than any other piece of furniture and in a surprisingly small amount of space.

The perfect room that showcases how much you can do with one of these nifty tables is in a home office, a subject I write about often. Multi-functional, modular furniture helps you get the most out of the least amount of space, and a lift-top coffee table is an ideal example of this in action.

You can step away from your desk and work on a couch for a fresh perspective and fewer aches and pains. You can also eat snacks or have a cup of coffee at a more comfortable height and store items inside the table. The added storage room provides extra space for anything you need to keep nearby, all while keeping your den or living room clutter-free. It’s a highly functional coffee table and an all-in-one working and living tool.

In this article, I list the best lift top coffee tables out today to help you get the most use out of any room you put it in.

Here is my list of the best tables offered today. You will find a range of styles to help you find the best design for your needs.

Best Overall Lift Top Coffee Table

Image: Expand Furniture

Expand Furniture is hands-down the best company for modular and multi-functional furniture, and they offer many lift top coffee tables. Their Box Coffee to Dining Table is my favorite and a great example of how well thought out their designs are.

The table can be raised and lowered to any height in one easy movement without sacrificing space for working or eating; in fact, it folds out even further to work as a full-sized dining table. No other table on the list can extend as large as this one.

Set it at the height that works best for you, whether working or eating on a sofa or at a standard-height dining chair. This table is made to move with you.

It is also beautiful and comes in nine finishes, making it an easy choice. Although it is the priciest option on this list, it’s worth every penny.


  • Adjusts to the exact height you need
  • An expandable body that extends as far as a standard dining table
  • Beautiful design
  • Multiple colors and finishes


  • High price
  • Best for ultra-modern home styles
  • No storage space

Image: Walmart

What I Think

This coffee table offers built in storage featuring open and closed compartments. It also has strip lighting for a more comfortable work and TV-watching experience. Ambient light is proven to aid with eye health, and this table provides the benefits of strip lighting to create soft light you will enjoy. The light can be changed to other colors to fit your mood.

It’s a beautiful table and comes in white or black. If you need a table that is a bit shorter, this one is a good substitute trick.


  • Open and closed storage
  • Strip lighting built into the design
  • Attractive design


Slightly blocky and may be too tall for some, but there is a shorter option.

Best Dual-Finish Lift Top Coffee Table

Image: Wayfair

What I Think

This is the best-looking table on the list, but that isn’t all it has going for it. Its unique design also looks the least like a lift-top table. The top swivels around to reveal a lower tabletop that lifts off. The rotated table acts as additional tabletop storage for anything you need.

The blend of white lacquer and natural wood is truly eye-catching.

You should make sure you have enough room to open it as it is designed to make the most out o fit. Also, this comes in only one color option.


  • Best looking dual-toned ottoman
  • Swivel top maintains a clean, overall look
  • Large working or eating surface


  • You may need enough space in the room to fully open the table
  • Only one color option

Best Round Lift Top Coffee Table

Image: Walmart

When shopping for round lift top tables, you will see many on the market, but they pose a challenge. Where do you put your feet?

This table from Walmart is one of the best in terms of footroom, ensuring you have a table you can use for typing or eating. The clean, white frame and wood top look beautiful in any room without overwhelming the space with its look.

It’s important to remember that a round table can restrict the amount of room for using a laptop and mouse, but this is still one of the best round designs out there, and it’s surprisingly low-priced.


  • Clean, attractive design
  • Usable round top with a good amount of legroom
  • Added storage space
  • Low price


Round tables can be tricky for using both a laptop and a mouse

Most Affordable Lift Top Coffee Table

Sweetcrispy Coffee Table, Lift Top Coffee Tables for Living Room Apartment

What I Think

If you are on a budget, this table is hard to beat. It offers a lift top and open and closed storage and comes in an attractive design for just $60. You get all the functionality you need at a price that makes you feel even more at home.

It’s hard to believe this is a lift-top coffee table when closed. It is also good-looking. You can have any color you want as long as it is black.


  • Attractive design
  • Open and closed storage
  • Low price


One color: black

Best Lift Top Coffee Table for Any Home Design

Rolanstar Coffee Table Lift Top, Multi-Function Convertible Coffee Table with Drawers and Hidden Compartment

What I Think

This is a great table design for a range of home styles. You get four wood options that blend beautifully with beach, rustic, modern, or traditional homes.

The table top folds open to create an ultra-large working or eating area. Like others on this list, you benefit from open and closed storage, but this one offers a lot of it. In this case, you gain two drawers as go-to storage for your controllers or any other living room essentials you need in a jiffy.

The wide legs have a sturdy appearance that won’t leave you wondering if this table will hold up, and generally, users love it. The top may be high for your current sofa at home, but the product provides detailed measurements so you will know for sure.

This is an Amazon Choice product.


  • Extra-large top design
  • Four wood options
  • Ample open and closed storage
  • Two lower drawers
  • Solid appearance
  • An Amazon Choice product


Working and eating surfaces may be tall for some sofas and chairs

Cleanest Lift Up Coffee Table Design

High Gloss Lift Top Table with Led Lights, Led Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

What I Think

If you want an ultra-clean table and the option of multiple finishes, this is the coffee table for you. The top reveals a massive storage area, providing more flexibility in the amount and size of items you store. The top is also wide, allowing ample space to type, use a mouse, or for two people to enjoy a meal.

You also get ambient lighting for more comfortable computer usage, TV watching, and reading at night. Having soft light throughout a room leads to more comfortable activities.

This is a good-looking table and wider than most. It will pair beautifully with a sofa or sectional. Lacquer options may be suited for modern home styles, but the stone works for any home style.


  • Clean overall design
  • Four finish options, including a faux stone design
  • Ambient lighting
  • Large storage area
  • Wide working and eating surface


The table may be low for some sofas and chairs

Best Mid Century Lift Top Coffee Table Design

WLIVE Wood Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Compartment and Adjustable Storage

What I Think

This coffee table has a number of benefits that may make it a good choice for you. For starters, it features an angled leg that pairs beautifully with modern and mid-century homes. It sits high off the ground for a light appearance, vs. other designs in this list that have a heavier look.

Like others, you have closed and open storage, making it easy to access items in a flash and hide other items away.

You also have five finishes to choose from, making it easy to find a style that complements your home decor.

This is a popular choice, earning the coveted Amazon Choice badge, making it another safe choice if you are at all hesitant to buy furniture online.


  • Angled legs make this table a great choice for mid-century homes
  • Light appearance
  • Open storage as well as a hidden compartment for closed storage
  • 5 wood options
  • An Amazon Choice design


It may not be a strong match for traditional homes

Best Upholstered Lift Up Coffee Table

SIMPLIHOME Ellis 36 inch Wide Square Coffee Table Lift Top Storage Ottoman, Cocktail Footrest Stool in Upholstered Slate Grey

What I Think

An upholstered coffee table has an additional benefit to sold wood or stone designs: you have a comfortable place to rest your feet. This option is different than other upholstered options because it doesn’t contain tufts, providing you with more of a flat surface for your mouse. You may still need a firm mousepad to create a reliable home for using your mouse, but you will love the added comfort the upholstery provides.

If using the ottoman for eating, a tray can be placed underneath your plates for a more solid foundation, but you may not want one. The added convenience of placing your feet on the ottoman is worth the minor inconvenience. The added depth allows you to use one side for feet if concerned about cleanliness. You also get ample storage space, making it the best storage ottoman on this list.

This ottoman is attractive, durable, and available in 8 neutral colors, making it easy to find a color that fits your room design.


  • Soft upholstery on top for your feet
  • Durable coffee table
  • Dual lift top design
  • Ample storage space offers extra storage space for anything you need
  • Clean, attractive design


May need a tray for food and a firm mousepad for your mouse

What are the benefits of a lift top coffee table with storage?

The top lifts up thanks to a spring loaded mechanism, raising high enough to double as a work surface or dining area. The hidden storage areas beneath the tabletop make it a solution for storing books, a laptop, a mouse, cup coasters, blankets, remote controls, and anything else you need. With all the benefits in one design, it is a smart choice for small spaces.

How do you choose the right size lift top coffee table for your space?

Measure the area where the table will go and allow 18-24″ of walkway space on all sides when closed and 14-18″ of space when open. If choosing a rectangular table design, the ideal length should be about two-thirds of your sofa’s length to appear the most balanced.

What is the weight capacity of a lift top coffee table?

Most lift-top coffee tables can safely hold 25-50 lbs on the raised top, though some sturdy models can support up to 100 lbs. This comes in handy when using the table to hold a laptop, food, drinks, or other heavy computer equipment.

Can a lift top coffee table be used as a dining table?

Absolutely! The lift top provides a convenient dining surface for casual meals or working and at a height that is comfortable for eating on a sofa or lounge chair. Just ensure you have enough clearance space around it. When the table is closed, you will want 18-21″ from the front of the seat cushion to the table. A modular sectional makes it even easier to change the seating as needed.