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22 Best Desk Accessories for Men in 2024: A Buyers Guide

When I think of the best desk accessories for men, I picture items that look smart and act smart without even trying. Their blend handsome design and intelligent functionality boost my performance and make my desk a place where I want to be, taking my productivity further.

I am an interior designer who specializes in home office setups. Here is my list of the best desk accessories for men this year. Combined with my article on masculine home office ideas, I’m give you all you need to experience that magic blend of design and productivity for yourself.

As a special treat, I list them in a buying order that ensures an attractive setup while limiting expensive mistakes!

Please note that some designs may contain affiliate links. As an affiliate, I may receive a commission for recommendations or purchases made through links on my website without any extra cost to you. For more information, please read my disclaimer.

What are Desk Accessories?

Desk accessories are the tools on and around your desk that help you work more effectively. Sometimes, an office desk, chair, and computer are considered accessories, but in most reviews online, accessories are limited to items that work with and alongside those items.

27+ Best Desk Accessories for Men

Here is my list of recommended desk accessories. First, a few things to note:

  • Before shopping, secure your office desk, chair, computer, and monitor. They are the most significant items in your room in terms of style and size, and you may need a specific size desk for your work, such as one that works with dual monitors. Your office desk accessories will also work off them for the final look. Rich wood desks such as mid-century designs are common for a masculine look, which is why I feature wood designs frequently in this list, but the items work just as well on non-wood desks.
  • Many of these items are sold on Amazon, helping you avoid pickup and shipping costs with your Amazon Prime account.
  • If you prefer to buy everything from one company, I include a list of sources offering the best all-in-one desk accessories toward the end.

1. Best Monitor: Dell S3422DW Curved Monitor – 34-inch

Amazon Dell WIde Monitor Curved Desk Accessory for Men

With your office desk and chair secured, your monitor is the first item to prioritize in your office space. The world of monitors has grown, both in selection and sizing. You can find extra-wide options with curved designs that immerse you into your work and your next video game.

When it comes to office desk accessories, this is one of the biggies in terms of size and look. The screen space you need will depend on your job and general preference, but in most cases, the larger the screen, the better. This can be accomplished by adding more than one screen or a laptop, but one large monitor works the same and looks a whole lot better – even downright handsome. You also have fewer monitor arms for a clean, minimal desk setup, and don’t have to look back and forth as much.

Dell has always worked well for me; this one is wide enough to give you what you need. Measure it with your ideal desk size to understand the look.

2. Best Glass Dry Erase Board : Quartet Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Board

quartet magnetic glass dry erase board

I’m putting this early on the list because you can buy glass dry erase boards in different colors that affect the look of your desk setup.

I reviewed in another article all the types of dry erase boards offered today. There I showed that glass is the best material for dry erase boards. Why? It lasts the longest, is easy to clean, and never ghosts or stains. Today you can buy glass designs in clear, frosted, white, black, and a range of colors.

Quartet is a leading provider of dry erase boards, and this black glass board works beautifully in a masculine setup. If you prefer something more subtle, you can opt for white or frosted on the same link or choose bolder colors on the company’s website.

3. Best Keyboard: Logitech MX Keys Mini

Amazon Logitech Mix Mini Keys  Keyboard

A cordless keyboard can be moved whenever you want without restriction. I’ve tried out many designs because the feel of the keys is integral to maintaining a high typing speed. You can buy a keyboard cover for quieter typing and to keep your schmutz off, but I go without one for the improved look and direct-contact feel.

Logitech products work best for me because I don’t want tall, clacking keys. This small design feels even better on my fingers for faster typing, and I don’t have to reach too far to use a mouse, making mouse operation more comfortable on my wrist and shoulder. Still, you can buy a wider design if needed.

4. Best Cordless Mouse: Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

A cordless mouse provides the most flexibility, especially when working away from your office, like in a coffee shop. Today’s more advanced mouse designs also help you achieve better office ergonomics to help you combat issues like wrist pain and carpal tunnel.

This mouse is a new one in my collection and by far my favorite. I have had no issues with my wrist. If this mouse in the pic looks too strange for you, that’s because it does, but the comfort is impossible to ignore.

5. Best Monitor Stand: VIVO Articulating Single 17 to 27 inch

VIVO Articulating-Single Monitor Arm White

Monitor stands can be articulating arms or low desktop shelves. The articulating arm models make the screen appear to hover in the air, giving you more desk space and letting you turn the monitor vertically and angle the screen to any secondary seating like a sofa or chair for some TV watching.

The stand design allows for a tucked-away keyboard and elevated storage for office desk accessories.

The floating arm stand shown here is one I own, and I chose white so that it bleeds into the color of my wall. That color is surprisingly tricky to find!

6. Best Laptop Stand: Adjustable Laptop Stand

Adjustable Laptop Stand with Cooling Fan

A laptop stand helps you raise your computer to work like a traditional monitor for less neck strain. It also gives your computer a guaranteed home and allows the fan to cool down the computer.

I placed the laptop stand on this early section of the list because it should match or complement a monitor stand since they sit close together. You will often find monitor stands and laptop stands made by the same company, ensuring the best color match if you choose wood. Still, this list also includes metal due to its aesthetic, adjustable, and portable properties.

This metal option gives you plenty of flexibility in terms of height. Also, it includes a fan for improved ventilation, making it a favorite choice on Amazon.

7. Best Desk Mat / Desk Pad: Dacasso Pad 

leather desk pad black

I placed the desk mat early on this list because it is essentially a large block of color in your desk setup, which can determine the other accessories you buy. A desk mat adds cushion for comfortable working and helps protect your desk surface to prolong the top’s life. They come in a wide range of options, including PU leather, felt, cork, and rubber. You can even buy them with smart charging for your phone and earbuds.

Leather is a common material for masculine aesthetics due to its look and for providing enduring protection for desks. The Dacasso Pad is my favorite option. It is unique from other pads because you can’t see the seaming along the top edge, resulting in an ultra-clean look. Choose from black or brown.

This pad will protect your desk in style, making it one of the best office desk accessories for men. If you prefer material options – including one with a smart charging system – check out my list of the best desk mats of 2024.

8. Best Paper Organizer: DDYURI Desktop File Trays

wood paper tray

A paper or letter tray keeps all your papers in order and works as a quick and easy in/out box while keeping your work area presentable.

This one is optional (you might use a file drawer instead), but it’s an excellent tool for reminding you what needs to be done. It can work as an in/out box or as a holder for printer paper, so you don’t have to dig for paper each time the printer runs out.

9. Best Speakers: Kanto YU2WALNUT Speakers

Desk Speakers in Wood

Speakers let you enjoy music in your room without headphones or earbuds. They are also a stand-out item on a desk, so the better looking they are, the better. You will find a long list of products that create quality sound.

Given the wealth of high-quality options, I chose this selection due to the fact it comes in eight color options, including this one: walnut. You can rock out in your room in style.

10. Best Notepad: Oasis Notebook

Itoya ProFolio Oasis Notebook

Why is a notebook so early on the list? Because it has a large impact on your color scheme!

A notebook is your cordless companion for jotting down ideas and organizing your day. No one should be without one. After much trial and error, this one is my favorite.

The notebook comes in a minimalist, masculine design and features horizontal lines with vertical markings to help you create organized boxes and lists. It costs practically nothing and is truly eco, a a trait few notebooks accomplish.

If you prefer more dedicated planning pages in your notebook, check out my list of the best productivity planners. If you are more of a tablet user, take a look at my list of the best note taking tablets this year.

11. Hest Keyboard Wrist Rest: Logitech MX Palm Rest

Logitech MX Palm Rest

This handy tool saves your wrists from constant pain and pressure as you type throughout your day. You will work longer and healthier with it.

Wrist rests can come long enough to cover the typing and mouse area, such as this one I currently use, or it can stop at your keyboard. You can use a built-in wrist rest on an ergonomic mouse pad (which is next on this list). Be sure to measure your keypad and mouse area if you want one that works for both.

This wrist rest is soft yet thin enough to work with the slim Logitech keyboard above. I have loved the comfort, smooth feel against my skin, and clean, modern look.

12. Best Ergonomic Mouse Pad: Quality Selection Mouse Pad

Quality Selection Mouse Pad

Your mouse pad will sit near your notebook, keyboard, and mouse, so the color should match or complement each. Sizing on these can be large, so even though I show a choice here, check the sizing with your desk pad, keyboard, and wrist rest. You can also review my list of top ergonomic mousepads for more options.

This mouse pad option is ultra comfortable for your wrist. It comes in a handsome shape and color that complements your other masculine accessories. The feel is a bit firmer than different designs, but I got used to it quickly; otherwise, feel free to review my above list of top ergonomic pads for more options.

13. Best Dual Microphone Headphones: Sony WH-CH720N

Earphones are excellent for listening to your favorite music or simply blocking sound to maximize productivity. I have used earbuds and over-the-ear headphones, but I currently use the over-the-ear design because my ears became irritated by the plastic in the earbud models – a strange but common issue, according to my ENT.

After a lot of trial and error, this Sony model works best for me and is one of the cheapest – less than half the price of other models. Other headphones were too heavy, didn’t cover the years well, or had too much base.

Like higher-end models, this one also has a microphone, allowing for a more streamlined, tuxedo-like work environment.

14. Best Multi-Charger: Oakywood Triple Dock & Charger

Oakywood Walnut Multi Charger

A multi-charger allows quick access to all your devices while minimizing physical and visual clutter. I spent a lot of time searching for a multi-charger that could hold my phone, smartwatch, and earbuds (when I used them) in a way that was stylish, minimalist, and easy to retrieve. Yet again, Oakywood style won out. The design, wood species, and finish are exquisite.The company also makes other configurations (a non-earbud option, for example) and comes in walnut if desired.

The base is made of solid wood. You can drill the openings larger to accommodate non-Apple devices. Find more options on the Oakywood website.

15. Best Headphone Stand: Oakywood Headphone Stand

Oakywood Headphone Stand

Where do you put your headphones? You can place it on a stand or hide underneath your desk on a hook for an ultra-clean appearance.

You can buy a stand for your desk or install hooks under the top to hide the headphones out of site.

16. Best Pen Holder: QYLYHZY Bamboo

Walnut cup shaped pen holder

You’ll need a pen or pencil for that notebook or even an iPencil for that tablet. You can choose from cup-shaped designs or horizontal designs. Some include added storage for other office desk accessories. Either way, you keep the items closer at hand than stashing them in your file drawer. Once you own one, you’ll be glad you bought it. Convenience in a home office setup is everything.

This option does everything you need it to do and gives you five designs and colors to choose from. You’re sure to find one you like here.

17. Best Eye Glass Tray: Navaris Tray

Navaris Faux Leather Tray Set

If you need glasses, you need a tray, but if you don’t, you might still need one. Blue light glasses are a common choice for constant computer users. Data on blue light suggests that LED bulbs, rather than screens, are more dangerous to the eyes, but that still makes blue light glasses a helpful solution at work – especially at night.

This option comes in five colors and doubles as a valet tray when you travel. I never leave home without it. It creates a cozy and luxurious home for glasses and whatnot wherever you are.

18. Best Desk Lamp: Honeywell Desk Lamp

Navaris Faux Leather Tray Set

Why is a desk lamp so far down on this shopping list? The range of designs and colors is so broad that you will surely find one you like AND compliments the rest of your desk setup. It works as a final touch.

You will benefit from a light that shines downward so that the light avoids your eyes and shines adequately onto a notebook so you can comfortably read and write on each page.

This lamp is a beautiful item worthy of a masculine desk. You can direct the light as needed and get focused light to help you get your job done comfortably and efficiently.

For more options that exude masculine style, check out my list of the best mid century modern desk lamps. If you prefer a more minimal look, you can also try a light bar.

19. Inspirational Artwork: NEWNEWSHOW Chalkboard Signs

NEWNEWSHOW Chalkbaord Signs

Write up an inspirational phrase to keep you motivated, or use it as an impromptu reminder list. Whatever messages you need, it will hold it in style.

This may stand on your desk or a neighboring wall. The design is clean, good-looking, masculine, and easy to use. You can sometimes find similar styles with different bases, but this option brings a nice modern touch.

20. Best Drink Coaster: Barvivo Silicone Coaster

Barvivo Silicone Coaster

You can find a coaster in any color you can imagine, and many come with inspirational sayings that work with that cup of coffee to keep you going. The clean style looks fantastic on your desk and is easy to clean.

21. Best Cord Management: Monoprice Cable Tray

Monoprice Under Desk Cable Tray

Cord management hides the ugliest aspects of a desk setup – unsightly cords – so well that your desk setup will look like it is supposed to look that way, which is a masculine trait. The good news is a wide range of solutions that keep your desk looking neat work and cost practically nothing, but be sure to prioritize a well-sized track for the cords since they can take up space and overcrowd smaller tracks.

This one comes in a clean, white design that disappears under my white desk to hide the long train of cords while providing enough airflow to keep your cords from overheating.

22. Best Lighting Strip: ASOKO Under Cabinet Lighting 

ASOKO LED Under Cabinet Lighting

A lighting strip is a powerful desk solution at little cost. The lighting hides behind your desk or, as in my case, behind the monitor. The ambient lighting reduces strain when sitting with your desk against a wall. It also creates an engaging backdrop on an accent wall or behind a side table of sofa.

This strip is small, lightweight, and easy to Velcro onto the back of your monitor. The soft light makes working any hour of the day a breeze. The on/off switch can also be attached to the monitor arm for an ultra-clean look.

Best All-in-One Desk Accessories for Men

In terms of quality, design, and diversity, these are the two winners for masculine desk accessories. You are sure to find something you like from these companies or go all in; either way, you can’t go wrong.

Your Guide to the Best Desk Accessories for Men

Sprucing up your work area with a manly style is a solid step to elevating your productivity and work mood. With the right blend of function, design, and comfort, these accessories will transform your home office into the inviting, creative hub it should be. You will finally have an office you love to be in, taking your productivity to a new level.