Home Office Accent Wall Ideas That Make You Love Working

Designing a workspace that looks good and boosts your productivity at home can be challenging, which is why I created an in-depth article on home office setups. One solution on that list is one of the best, and it happens to be sitting right in front of you… or behind you.

An accent wall is an easy and affordable way to improve your workspace. It frames you beautifully to put you in the best possible light during a Zoom call while keeping you fully organized throughout your day. It is also an ideal canvas for expressing yourself and improving your office’s look at less cost than redoing the entire room. All these benefits make your office a place you want to be, which will do wonders for your productivity.

What is a home office accent wall, and how can you create one you’ll be proud to stand by? Read on to find out!

What is a Home Office Accent Wall? 

An accent wall, also called a feature wall, is just one wall that works as a main focal point in any room. It is often the wall most people face, such as a TV wall, fireplace, or art wall, but it can also be any wall you want people to notice most. This wall is designed differently than the others, attracting the eye by adding depth, intrigue, and engagement to the room.

A home office accent wall is similar to a feature wall but is also a bit different. It is often functional for work and may not be in your immediate field of vision. It may sit behind you to be more recognizable for guests or Zoom callers.

Why Add A Home Office Accent Wall?

There are many reasons to do it. A well-designed accent wall fulfills all of them simultaneously.

black flat screen computer monitor on a desk against an accent wall in a home office

You Show Your Professionalism

An accent wall is an excellent backdrop for presentations or video conferences, helping you appear professional and established. Like with clothing, a quality design tells viewers you are established and successful in your job.

It Increases Your Productivity

An accent wall works as an effective storage area. Your most important work equipment accessories are a short distance away.

You Gain Enhanced Focus

An accent wall effectively stores any go-to items you need for your job. With everything close at hand, you become less distracted and frustrated, keeping your productivity up. You can even use it as attractive storage for a home office gym. A little exercise does a world of good for your memory and focus.

You Stay Inspiration 

An accent wall can have a powerful emotional impact on your home office. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant colors or soothing, neutral shades, the right accent wall can transform your workspace and create an energy that keeps you going. Displaying inspirational items on shelving can keep you motivated along the way. 

It Adds Style to Your Workspace

Are you tired of staring at plain white walls in your home office? A well-chosen accent wall can enrich the room’s look,  adding depth, character, and personality to your home office design.

It is an Economical Room Upgrade

Since it is only one wall, you don’t have to go through the expense of doing similar treatment on the three other walls. The other walls can still complement it, but most of the work is just one wall.

You Can Show Your Personality, Hobbies, and Style 

Every personality is unique, which means yours is too. An accent wall can be your extension of it. Again, it’s very similar to clothing and is a canvas for expressing yourself. You can show your interests, hobbies, and style – everything that makes you who you are.

It Creates a Cozy Home for Reading and Lounging

Again, an accent wall can go on any wall, which means you can use it as a cozy area to place a reading chair and store all your favorite books. It can also wrap around a sofa – a terrific solution when planning a home office remodel. Whatever your preferred way to lounge, an accent wall can work around it. 

It Reduces Echo

Echos can be distracting and interrupt your workflow, making it challenging to stay focused and be productive. In addition to storing books and other items on shelving to reduce sound, you can line the wall with sound-reducing materials like wood paneling, fabric panels, thick wallpaper, and acoustic foam. More on this a bit later.

woman thinking while wearing a white lace long sleeve shirt and using silver macbook sitting in front of her home office accent wall ideas

Placement is one of the biggest factors when creating a home office accent wall. Often an accent wall is the one that people face most often, but in an office, you have a lot of flexibility. It will inevitably be the focal point, whether that focal point is you or items to keep you inspired. 

Here are ways to select the best wall for your home office. 

Choose a Wall That Keeps You Productive

Often this means the wall behind you or just to your side, but if visual stimulation works best for you, select the one straight ahead. The most important aspect of an office is staying productive, so consider how your accent wall can help with that. 

Consider a Wall That Works Well for Video Calls

With more people working from home than ever, Skype and Zoom calls will continue to be popular. An attractive accent wall keeps your background from looking too plain and helps show you in the best possible light to keep your business growing.

Consider How Much Wall to Use

This will influence how you decorate it. An accent wall is often designed from edge to edge, but if you use it mainly for Zoom calls, you can add shelving and other materials to that section alone while still balancing the room’s look with other items.

Prioritize Natural Light

Consider the lighting in the room and choose colors or finishes that will enhance the brightness or add warmth. This is especially relevant when on video calls. The more light shines in front of you, the better you will appear on camera.

Think about Practicality

An accent wall should aid you in your work, both in placement and how you design it. No matter what look you want most, keep productivity as a focus to ensure easy access to what you need.

Decide How Functional You Want It to Be

You may use it for work, store personal collections, or watch TV. Once you know how to use it, you’ll understand what wall and storage needs work best.

Designing your office may be an activity you love or your definition of hell. Either way, here are some tips to make the process easy. Remember that with each consideration, productivity should be your guide.

Consider the Mood and Atmosphere You Want

Certain energies are more positive and inspiring to you than others. Keep those factors in mind as you decide on furniture and wall treatments.

Keep Your Personal Style and Preferences in Mind

Create a space you love spending time in. Remember that whatever your display on a Zoom call will be e reflection on you, so you will benefit from leaning toward a look that aids you in your job growth.

Think About Colors and Patterns 

Whether you have a painted accent wall, wooden accent wall, or use wallpaper, choosing the right colors for your home office accent walls can significantly impact your emotions and productivity. Colors can evoke certain feelings and set the tone of your workspace. For instance:

  • Vibrant colors like red or orange create a bold and energetic atmosphere to promote creativity and enthusiasm
  • Neutral colors such as a beige, gray, or black accent wall create a calm and soothing environment, perfect for focusing and concentration.
  • A green or blue wall creates a more tranquil ambiance for a more calming effect.
  • Displaying on-trend colors shows your connection to modern life by following trending colors by Pantone.

Materials for Your Home Office Accent Wall

Accent wall shelving with lots of books and hobby items

Now that you know where to place your accent wall and the type of feeling and look you want, here are materials to bring your ideas to life. I start this list with the most accessible, versatile, and cost-effective solution that actually isn’t a material per se, but it acts like one. Beware; it also has a drawback.

A Zoom Background

From pops of color to scenic landscapes, zoom backgrounds will create an appealing backdrop for your next presentation. Still, it’s worth noting that the imagery can look odd around the perimeter of your face since the technology isn’t perfectly clean. Also, it won’t do anything for your productivity or ambiance when the call is over, which brings us to the other options below. You will receive the greatest appreciation when you have a design on your wall that shows your taste, level of professionalism, and interests.

Still, a Zoom background is a great place to start as you continue to design your office. Here is how you can create one.


Paint has the benefit of sitting as a clean backdrop to anything you put against it. Whether you prefer bold, bright, or neutral colors, paint is the cheapest and easiest way to color your wall. You can even highlight architectural features with contrasting shades.

Remember that white is a universal color but can also look plain. Be sure to include a few furniture pieces, artwork, and accessories around it so that the white looks purposeful.

You can add intrigue with a black accent wall while still being able to match everything much like white can, but in reality, any color will create a richer experience, but not that vibrant colors can be distracting. Neutral colors create a calm, sophisticated look. Some recommended tones for a painted accent wall that evokes calm and success are blues and greens.


Wallpaper is a fantastic option for creating stylish and eye-catching office walls. Wallpaper adds instant personality and charm to any space, and there are endless possibilities. From bold and vibrant colors and metallic tints to an elegant look with neutral-colored tones, the wall is your oyster. Even patterns with nature themes bring a natural and earthy feel to a space.

You can even create a textured accent wall with thick, embossed designs.

Wooden Accent Wall 

Wood can make your room feel more inviting. There are many ways to use wood, from treatments on the wall itself to shelving and cabinetry that go against the wall. Here are some popular options. 


Wainscoting is decorative wooden paneling that covers the lower part of a wall. It is an excellent textured accent wall solution. It adds architectural interest and provides a touch of sophistication and character to any room.

If you have existing wainscoting, show it off with an engaging color. If adding wainscoting, consider the style of your home and the overall design style and personal style you want to achieve.

Wainscoting can be used in any style of home. In traditional homes, traditional raised panel wainscoting in neutral colors such as white, beige, or soft gray brings a classic and timeless look and creates a clean and polished backdrop for your workspace.

If you prefer something more contemporary and bold, geometric patterns and vibrant colors can make a statement. Experiment with geometric shapes or horizontal stripes for a modern touch that suits your office space.

Wall Paneling

One creative way to create a textured accent wall to bring a stylish touch to your home and add warmth and sophistication to an office is with wall paneling. Wood panels go further than wainscoting by completely transforming the look and feel of your workspace from head to toe. The textured wall panels also help with soundproofing, giving you two benefits in one.

Wood panels come in a broad range of materials and designs, making it easy to find the perfect paneling to suit your style and desired aesthetic. It is a timeless and versatile option for creating a warm, inviting accent wall in your home office. It adds both natural beauty and adds charm to the space. Whether you leave the wood in its natural state or paint it in a color that complements your existing decor, wood paneling can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

You can opt for traditional horizontal wood panels or get creative with more modern vertical or diagonal patterns. The texture and grain of the wood can also add depth and visual interest to the wall. Choose from rustic, farmhouse-inspired looks to sleek and contemporary designs. Whatever your personal style, wood paneling is a great way to infuse warmth and character into your workspace.

Wood or Metal Shelving

Wood shelving is a functional answer for storing go-to items. It can also be an engaging decorative element that improves the room’s look. There is a broad range of options to choose from. See my previous article on home office shelving ideas to learn what types of shelving work well in home offices. 


If you want ultimate flexibility in storage while still maintaining an attractive backdrop, a pegboard is a smart choice. You can connect multiple boards to go as large as you like. The holes allow you to reposition shelves, storage boxes, and hanging pegs in numerous ways to fit varying needs.

Check out my article on some of the best pegboard designs out today.

Whiteboard / Dry Erase Board

An excellent way to create a clean backdrop and improve your overall productivity is a dry erase board. Magnetic designs allow you to mount work tools nearby and take them down instantly to capture and formulate ideas while hosting a Zoom call.

Check out my article on the types of dry erase board designs and my list of the best options today.


Experimenting with tile is a creative and unique way to add personality and visual interest to your home office. Tiles can transform a plain wall into a stunning accent feature. With various colors, patterns, and textures available, you can customize your space to reflect your personal style.

Whether you want to create a sleek and modern look with geometric tiles, add warmth with wood-inspired tiles, or make a bold statement with vibrant colored tiles, the options are endless. Additionally, tiles are incredibly durable and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for a busy workspace. 

Brick Accent Wall

Brick accent walls add a rustic and industrial touch to your home office while evoking a bit of history for a richer experience. Overall, it creates a warm, inviting, and engaging atmosphere where you feel inspired and productive.


If you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home office, consider adding a stone accent wall. A stone wall can add a touch of rustic charm and natural beauty to your workspace, making it the perfect backdrop for a cozy and productive work environment. Whether you choose to go with a traditional stone wall or a more modern stacked stone design, this versatile material will make a statement.

Wall Art 

Art instantly elevates the overall look and feel of the space and adds a visual focal point. When choosing art for a home office, consider the size and scale that can work for Zoom calls and opt for pieces that complement the colors and style of your office. You can also work the other way around if the art is a priority. Either way, make sure that the art complements your room design.

A Mural

A mural is a perfect way to transform a plain and ordinary wall into captivating art. It also helps you express your unique style and interests and enhances your productivity and creativity. It can also work as a beautiful addition to your office design.

Themes for Your Home Office Accent Wall

home office accent wall idea in a geometric pattern

If you are still stuck on how to design your space, you can follow a specific theme. Here are some popular ones for home offices. YOu can also decide to extend your home’s design into your office for a cohesive feel. Again, let productivity be your guide.

Geometric Design Ideas

If you want to add a stylish and modern touch to your home office, a geometric accent wall can be just what you need. Geometric designs are trending right now, offering a bold and eye-catching look that can elevate your space. A geometric accent wall can bring energy and creativity to your home office, making it a truly inspiring and productive space.

Whether you prefer vibrant colors or neutral shades, a geometric design can be easily customized to match your style and design aesthetic. From simple wall paint to textured materials, there are numerous options. Opt for simple shapes like triangles or diamonds, or try more intricate patterns.


Minimalist design themes like Scandinavian and Japandi bring a serene and natural look that is highly calming and attractive while excelling in their storage solutions. Your office will look clean regardless of how much is in it.

Traditional Design

Treatments like rich wood wainscoting, a carved wood desk, leatherbound books, and a leather desk chair may be perfect for putting you into work mode. Choose from light, warm colors like neutrals to darker, rich colors like browns, greens, and reds. You can also accessorize easily with books, artwork, soft lighting, pictures of family and inspirational figures, and small keepsakes that exude history and stability. 

Nature-Inspired Wall Accent Ideas

Incorporating nature-inspired accent walls is one way to bring a sense of tranquility and connection to the outdoors. Whether you prefer the calming effects of neutral colors or the boldness of vibrant and earthy shades, there are plenty of options.

Consider a wallpaper with a botanical print or a mural depicting a serene landscape. For a more subtle touch, a wood accent wall can add warmth and texture to your space. Green walls can also create a refreshing and energizing atmosphere.

Feel free to experiment with differing design elements, such as geometric shapes or horizontal stripes, to achieve a unique and personalized look. Remember that your home office should reflect your style and offer a relaxing environment to boost productivity. So go ahead, bring the beauty of nature indoors with stunning nature-inspired wall accent ideas.

Masculine Home Office Accent Wall Ideas

For a more masculine aesthetic, consider using bold colors like deep blues, rich grays, or dramatic blacks. These colors lend a sense of sophistication and maturity to the room. Opt for earthy tones such as browns or greiges if you prefer a more neutral palette. These shades create a warm and inviting atmosphere while maintaining a masculine vibe.

YOu can also incorporate architectural features like exposed brick or wood paneling as accent walls. These elements add texture and visual interest to the space, giving it a more refined and masculine feel.

Glam It Up With Metalic Finishes

If you want to add a touch of glamour and sophistication while exuding professionalism, consider using metallic finishes on your accent wall. They can instantly elevate the look of your space, creating a sleek and modern atmosphere. Whether you choose gold, silver, bronze, or copper, a metallic finish adds a luxurious, eye-catching, and on-trend touch. The reflective properties of metallic finishes also help to bounce light around the room, making your home office feel larger and brighter. From solid metallic paints to textured wallpapers with metallic accents, there are plenty of options.

Keep in mind that metallic finishes can reflect back on you and viewers during Zoom calls, so try to avoid large sheets of it.

Rustic Vibe

A rustic accent wall of reclaimed wood paneling adds a sense of history and charm to your space, making it feel like a rural retreat. Pair it with neutral furniture and pops of greenery for a truly refreshing and rejuvenating home office environment. You can increase the rustic vibe with raw or distressed metal shelving.

Effective Home Office Accent Wall Ideas Keep You Working

A home office accent wall is a great way to make your workspace more inviting and inspiring. Whether you incorporate natural elements, bold colors, metallic finishes, or rustic charm, there are plenty of options to create a unique and personalized space that reflects your style. With the right accent wall, you can elevate the look of your home office while creating an environment conducive to productivity.