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37 Masculine Home office Ideas: Boost Your Performance in Style

Masculine style can be easily incorporated into your home office setup regardless of your taste, budget, and room size – and it’s worth the effort. Creating a space where you love to work makes each day more enjoyable, helping you reach your goals faster and with more smiles. A well-designed home office also generates interest from coworkers and clients on those occasional Zoom calls, which helps with growth.

I have worked from home for the last five years. This experience and my time in interior design and furniture sales have shown me what a well-designed home office can mean for your work life. Loving your home office dramatically impacts your performance and happiness. The better it looks, the more it attracts. If you love masculine design, dive right in.

These masculine home office ideas enrich your work experience by improving your productivity and generating appeal that draws you in and keeps you there longer.

37 Masculine Home Office Ideas

Whether you like a clean, minimalist design aesthetic like Scandinavian, mid-century modern, or Japandi interiors or prefer going full-throttle in Harley-Davidson decor, these ideas will help you achieve a look you will love.

1. Prioritize Clean Design

The primary goal to keep in mind is creating a clean space. A spotless office isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s a billboard for your organizational skills. It shows your clients, colleagues, and even your dog that you’re a man with a plan. Cunningly planned storage systems give you access to everything you need. Attractive, closed cabinetry, desk accessories, file cabinets, and clean shelving are just a few ways to do it.

2. Color is Key

home office with black walls, a wood desk, and desk chair.

Color significantly influences mood and productivity, and there are masculine colors that help with both. Black, gray, beige, brown, blue, and green are popular color options.

Now, you will find dark painted cabinetry, walls, ceilings, cabinet pulls, lighting, and accessories. Still, multiple black walls in a room can also create a moody home office and suck away happiness, so it is best to use it sparingly or ensure ample natural light and lighter floors and tables for balance.

Consider opting for a color scheme of neutral colors like gray and brown as alternates or compliments to black. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, a deep, navy blue home office can bring a sense of calm, promoting focus and reducing stress. Dark green also adds a natural tone and a bit more energy to a space. For those craving warmth and comfort, a neutral color palette of browns, taupes, and beiges paired with wooden furniture can create a homely, inviting office environment.

If you love white, you can still use it and simply make all the furniture and desk accessories darker to balance it. And don’t shy away from bold colors. You can still use them without overwhelming the space by incorporating pops of color here and there against neutral backgrounds. A strategically placed, vibrant accent wall or colorful large scale artwork can break the monotony of white walls and add a dash of personal style to your office decor.

3. Create an Accent Wall

A feature wall is a great way to add character to your home office space. In my previous article on home office accent walls, I list all the benefits an accent wall provides. One big one is helping to create a more professional backdrop for you when meeting with clients in person or jumping on a Zoom call. You can also use that wall space to keep your home office organized..

4. Consider Wall Paneling

black walls with wainscoting, pictures frames, and a desk

Wall paneling is a great way to inject richness into any room. It also makes a room feel more established and elegant, putting you on a better footing at work. Note that this is an easier design solution to adopt at home than at your work office – unless your work office gives you complete control to do whatever you like.

For a blend of masculine design and intelligent storage, a pegboard is a smart choice. See some masculine options in my list of the best pegboard designs out today.

5. Indulge in Rich Wood Finishes

Nothing speaks of masculinity like wood. From rich, dark tones to light natural wooden finishes, wood exudes a classic, timeless feel. Wooden furniture and home office flooring also bring warmth and texture to the room while making the space more resilient.

You can keep the look clean with minimalist, clean boards or opt for a more natural look with a reclaimed wood desk and shelving for an even more masculine, rugged look. This is true whether you have a large executive desk or a small floating desk.

6. Use Metal to Create a Balanced, Refined Look

Metal accents add an elegant touch and an edge to your office. Look for metal light fixtures, furniture frames, or small decor pieces like trays or desk organizers. With the right combination, these accents can balance those other natural wood elements and help make it look more modern.

One popular metal tone today is gold. No other metal brings on a richer look. Keep in mind that you won’t need much. Even a few items here and there can create a more elevated look.

7. Add Personal Artwork

Art creates a striking focal point and takes your design to the next level. Find artwork that speaks to you, whether you enjoy classic prints or contemporary street art. This will add personality to your space and help make it truly unique. The more intriguing and refined the work, the more intriguing and refined you appear.

Carefully curated artwork also shows depth and intelligence, so take your time to find the right pieces.

8. Put Up a Motivational Artwork or Gallery Wall

Motivational sayings keep you inspired while also inspiring anyone who reads them. You can choose one large piece or create a gallery wall for maximum impact and motivation throughout the day. 

9. Display Photos

Photos of work role models and higher-level employees keep you focused on reaching the next level while showing you are established in your job. Find a spot on a wall or your shelving to keep you reminded of the people whose ideals you share and where you want to be in your career.

10. Show Your Masculine Side

Whether you enjoy surfing, skiing, deep-sea fishing, tracking in the wilderness, or a favorite sports team, show off those masculine interests in photos or strategically placed accessories. It helps tell your life story for added interest while making your office space a place you love spending time.

11. Invest in a Quality Desk Chair

Whether you like leather chairs or the advanced comfort of a Herman Miller Aeron Chair, go with a chair you love and bring you the comfort you need to get the job done. This includes a design with multiple arm and back adjustments for long-term work.

Typically the price of your office chair directly relates to its longevity, so don’t be afraid to spend. You will be happier and pay less in the long run. Plus, your work chair is also a bit like your clothing in that it shows off how successful you are when meeting with clients in person or on Zoom calls. A quality chair shows you are serious about your job and successful in your field.

12. Take a Masculine Approach to Your Desk

When it comes down to it, your office only has a few pieces of furniture. A desk is often the biggest and therefore has the most effect. This makes your desk the ideal home for masculine touches. Consider a rich wooden desk, such as a mid-century modern desk or Japandi desk. Or opt for a black or metallic design. You can even blend a wooden desk top with black or white metal legs so the wood isn’t too overpowering.

Here are some companies that excel at a more masculine look:

●     Oakywood

●     Govemade

●     Artifox

●     Balolo

If you prefer a white desk, contrast the look with a dark desk mat, computer equipment, paper planner, and desk accessories.

These solutions aren’t limited to an L-shaped desk or executive desk. If your home office is in a converted closet at home, you can use any of these materials equally effectively.

You can find all these options today, even adjustable desks.

13. Show Permanence with a Built-In Desk and Cabinets

Built-in desks and cabinets say to you and others that you are there to stay. They also do triple duty by being attractive and functionally sturdy – especially helpful if you are a bit like a bull in a china shop. Regarding the look, the options are endless, and you can also go as custom as you like. You also have a chance to create a highly functional work area and achieve enough storage space in hard-to-furnish rooms. You can take productivity to a whole new level in ways Marie Kondo would be proud of.

14. Indulge in Masculine Desk Accessories

Desk accessories are a great way to keep your office supplies like sticky notes and electronic devices organized and keep your desk clutter-free. Many also add beauty to your desk. From metal to rich wood options, you can find a way to hold anything you need nearby, including game consoles for when it’s time to take a break from work.

These same companies that offer masculine desks also offer masculine accessories:

●     Oakywood

●     Govemade

●     Artifox

●     Balolo

15. Keep the Office Functional

The best masculine home office setup ideas excel in looks and functionality. My article on the best home office setups shows that nothing is more important than productivity. You benefit from having all the tools for your job close at hand. This can be accomplished with cabinetry, a desk with multiple drawers, an accent wall with shelving, or built-in storage in a closet if you work from home. Take inventory of everything you need to get your job done and ensure you have an easy way of accessing it all.

16. Keep It Fresh With Plants

Plants aren’t only good for your health. They can help keep you inspired and make you and others feel calmer and more grounded, which is partly why boho office decor has become so popular. It also shows that you know how to keep plants alive, which, funnily enough, translates into how well you do your job. Plants symbolize life and growth, vital to a successful business or career. Potted plants are also a great way to add color and texture to any office space.

You can also use plants to block off your home office if it sits in a larger room. Plants are one of the most effective living room corner ideas.

I was amazed to discover how much office plants aid in my productivity and sense of peace while I work. You can experience the same. For a look at the best indoor plants for offices, click here.

17. Add Comfort and Texture With Leather or Faux Leather

a brown leather couch sitting in front of a wooden table

One of the most masculine materials is leather, and you can still enjoy the beauty of it whether you are an environmentalist or not. Today’s faux leather is rich and beautiful, and mushroom leather is becoming more popular. Any leather type brings an organic beauty to an office that invites the eye and — in the case of furniture — the body too. A leather desk chair and sofa can exude sophistication and luxury while providing comfort. And the more you use them, the more beautiful they become.

18. Show Your Awards and Accomplishments

Don’t be shy about displaying your awards and accomplishments beyond your framed certificates. Show any conference badges, souvenirs from special trips or work events, and other work momentos that make you feel proud and show others your experience for added trust.

You can create a masculine backdrop for those awards by framing them in rich wood and placing them against masculine paint colors.

19. Showcase Your Collectibles

Masculine home office ideas often involve personal touches like collectible items such as figurines and sports memorabilia, and they can often be attractive decorative elements. From signed baseballs to arrowheads and books, your collections are the perfect way to show your interests, spark conversations, and make your home office more inviting so that people feel more comfortable visiting and, more importantly, talking business. Memorabilia makes your office a more enjoyable space for everyone.

20. Invest in Quality Lamps and Lighting

Not all lighting is created equal. Quality lighting is essential for creating the perfect ambiance in your office. An overly bright home office can lead to eye strain and difficulty concentrating, while too little can make reading hard.

When picking out a desk lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, light bar, or any other type of light fixture, focus on ones that bring pleasant, diffuse illumination and won’t give off too much glare. You can also use lighting to set the mood of your workspace with a wide range of colors and tones, some that even shift around to keep you more engaged throughout your day.

Choose from a wide variety of styles. The more attractive it is, the more you will enjoy looking at it daily.

See my article on home office lighting ideas for a deeper look at this topic.

21. Shine On With Glass Accents

Glass accents, like side tables, picture frames, and vases, add shine and reflectivity to your office while bringing a sense of openness to the entire room without taking up too much visual space. Glass works a bit like metal in a contemporary home office but without the cooler tones that can make a room feel cold if overdone.

Glass is also an excellent material for placing food and drinks while you work since it is easy to clean.

You can extend the glass look to your dry erase board, including black glass designs.

22. Let Natural Light Do the Work For You

silver iMac on brown wooden desk in a bright room filled with natural light

If your office space allows it, open the shades and let Mother Nature do her job. Natural light gives you an energy boost when you need it most while reducing eye strain. It also helps you look your best on that next Zoom call and shows off your room design in all its glory. If the room is dark, it can be uncomfortable for you and others.

23. Declutter with Intelligent Cable Management

As I mentioned at the beginning, having a clean office space shows you are organized. Cable management is a great way to create an ultra-clean look. Hide cables behind cabinets and walls, or use organizers like cable runners under your desk and Velcro ties to keep cords together. You’ll find that the furniture will also look better when cords are kept together and under control.

I was surprised to find just how much more relaxing and attractive my office space became when I took the time to organize my cords cleanly. It also makes work easier by making my laptop and phone chargers easier to plug in and unplug whenever I need to take my work on the road.

24. Prioritize Comfortable Furniture

Whether you use leather or prefer wool, linen, or other furniture coverings, ensure you and any family visitors are comfortable. You will have better and longer conversations with others and enjoy more time researching, typing, and tinkering away at your projects. You also have a secondary area to work on a laptop to keep you more productive throughout your day. Opt for a sofabed as a solution for a spare bedroom.

If the space is large, opt for a large sofa and a few comfortable chairs in front of your desk. A few black leather chairs bring an ultra-masculine look. Consider swivel chairs to create easier communication from all areas of the room. If the room is small, go for a relaxing reading chair in a corner. A good chair also helps you move around more easily and allows for better posture when sitting down. You can choose stylish furniture, but make sure it is comfortable.

25. Invest in a Statement Chair

black metal framed glass top table and a lounge chair and ottoman

Having a showcase chair is often cheaper than a sofa, and chairs are more renowned in many ways. The Eames Chair is the quintessential statement piece in any office space. The blend of rich wood and leather or cloth has a mad-men seriousness and works beautifully in a masculine home office.

Whatever chair design you choose, make sure it is inviting, comfortable, and fits your personality.

26. Opt for Industrial Vibes

One of the more masculine office design trends features industrial elements. The bare-boned materials and structural components resemble something you would find in an abandoned factory. It features raw metal furniture, lighting, accessories, exposed ceiling beams, wide-open windows, reclaimed wood, masonry walls, and exposed lightbulbs. Industrial decor ideas create an office that feels masculine and edgy while still functional.

27. Show Depth with Rustic Design Treatments

For an even more weathered look, go for a rustic home office. It features metal elements and natural materials like wood, stone, and leather paired with muted colors such as browns, grays, and blacks. It also features vintage accessories like bookshelves made of reclaimed wood and baskets for storage space. This decor style is perfect for creating an inviting, timeless, masculine home office that exudes masculinity.

28. Show Your Cutting Edge Side with Modern Home office Design

From a “Mad Men” mid-century modern office to minimalist home office design, modern home office decor has endless design options. It also works seamlessly in masculine settings, including warm styles by Scandinavian designers. A sleek desk and other furniture that prioritizes clean lines also create an ultra-clean look in the room. You can use the style to create a masculine home office and more contemporary space by focusing on dark, rich colors and rich wood or metal materials. Modern design is a favorite home office decor style, and you have plenty of options to work from.

29. Consider Traditional Style in Your Decor

Traditional doesn’t have to mean a room full of doilies. A broad range of traditional styles work perfectly in masculine settings. From decor that fits seamlessly in castles to ivy-league schools, you can indulge in traditional treatments like rich wood, dark leather, and masculine accessories, from magnifying lenses to coats of arms. Books are also a key ingredient. Display classic book collections on shelves and keep a stack of books on a side table to add richness to a space.

30. Evoke Western Vibes

If you love cowboy style, you’re lucky because it is one of the most masculine themes. Go for leather, hardwood, and warm earth tones like browns and rustic reds. Add some horseshoes for luck and some Western memorabilia to make your office look more inviting.

31. Display Important Business-Related Books

Make sure you have plenty of books related to your business available in the office. Whether they are industry publications, textbooks, or general reading material, having a library helps you stay focused on what you have learned while showing your knowledge to others and creating an inviting atmosphere that fosters growth for you and everyone who sees them. Display them on shelving or use them as coffee table books.

32. Stay Productive with A Killer Sound System

Every great office needs a great sound system. Sure, you may work with earphones, but hearing music through speakers once in a while is more comfortable and a nice change of pace. Whether you are going for surround sound or just some high-quality speakers, having music playing in the background will help keep you motivated and energized throughout your day.

33. Add a Drink Station

Having a private place to get coffee, tea, soft drinks, kombucha, and cocktails (if you work at home) helps you enjoy more time in the office to keep more done. You can also invest in barware and fun glassware to make the whole space feel more masculine and inviting. Bar carts also come in designs to fit any office decor. Whether you set up a full bar or want to display your favorite bottle or two, having this station available for quick refreshments can help break up the monotony of the day.

34. Warm Things Up with an Area Rug

All that masculinity and hardness can use a little balance to make you and visitors feel more comfortable. An area rug is a great way to bring visual warmth to a room while letting you add more color or design.

35. Display Something Old or Antique

an old fashioned typewriter sitting on top of a table

There is something masculine about an antique item in a room, but it also says more than that. Years ago, I read a light article in a gossip magazine about what women are attracted to, and one of them was a man with an old wallet. Why? It shows that the man is stable and reliable. Though I wasn’t entirely sure that was true, the more I thought about it, the more true I saw it was. That same theory goes for your decorations at work.

36. Bring the Outside In With Outdoor Elements

You don’t have to mount a deer head to create a masculine look. Any elements of nature can work, such as a plank-wood desk or pictures of you in nature. Even outdoor items like a pair of skis in the corner of the room can evoke an outdoorsy vibe.

37. Make Room for A Game or Two

Men love games. Displaying them is a great way to show your masculine side. From a chess set to a dart board, portable putting green, and basketball trashcan, games are a great way to take breaks, refresh the brain, or kick around new ideas. They also give you another excuse to decorate. Golf office decorations are always a hit and one of the more popular office decor for men.

A Well-Designed Office is a Man’s Best Friend

Having an office space you love is a powerful way to maintain productivity. You gain a space you love to spend more time in while having everything you need close at hand. Decorations, games, and music keep your mind calm and refreshed. The more of the design solutions above you add, the more masculine it gets, making it easy to hit the right level that works best for you to achieve a truly inspiring space.