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11 Minimal Desk Setup Ideas for 2023: A Designer’s Perspective

As an interior designer, I have a deep love and respect for minimalist style. No other aesthetic provides so much with so little. It declutters the mind and creates a peaceful haven for creative thinking and productivity, all of which are important traits for a effective home office setup. It also looks fantastic and keeps me at my desk longer, taking my productivity even further.

If you are interested in minimalist desk setups, you’re in luck. This year offers many new ways to achieve one. Here are some tips for creating a minimal desk setup in 2023.

11 Minimal Desk Setup Ideas for 2023

A minimalist desk setup is more than achieving physical beauty with fewer items; it also creates a more functional and productive desk setup. Here are some new ways to accomplish it.

1. Surround Yourself with Natural Color

black floor lamp at the corner against blue and green wall

Part of minimalism has always been using natural materials for a more grounded look and feel. Now we are seeing more wall colors joining in on the fun. From soft taupes, browns, and creams to corals, mauves, blues, greens, and gold, the natural colors work perfectly with minimalist decor.

2. Bring Nature In

More interior design styles today incorporate Zen attributes like plants, wood, and stone into their aesthetic for a more grounded, natural feel. This is especially true of Japandi. Minimalist style is already connected to nature, making it the ideal design for Zen. It also doesn’t require much. From small desk pots to natural wood desks and stone oil diffusers, you’ll find many ways to bring a touch of nature to your minimalist desk setup.

3. Get Personal

Regardless of style, more emphasis is now placed on personal items that tell a story, whether it be a piece from your family history, a personally-made item, or a personal interest you are proud to display on your next Zoom call. Add the items to make your space uniquely yours while helping you make a human connection during calls.

4. Blend Peace and Quiet With Wall Paneling

a yellow chair sitting in front of a wooden wall panel

Wall panels beautify any room they are in, but many also provide sound reduction for improved working. From Japandi slatted wall panels to minimalist foam wall tiles and textured wallpaper, you can find a material that works best for most home office setups.

5. Create More Ambience With Minimalist Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in any workspace, and minimalist design is a perfect backdrop. Strip lighting is hidden lighting that helps calm your eyes as you work, and the many color options of LED lighting set the mood beautifully. Place it behind your laptop, under your desk, or behind a table or sofa. You can also use a light bar that doubles as wall and desk lighting.

6. Create the Ideal Backdrop with a Minimalist Accent Wall

More people working from home also brings a greater need for storing work tools and looking good on Zoom calls. An accent wall helps with both. You can keep everything you need nearby while creating an engaging stage to show you and your awards and accomplishments in all their glory. Pegboards and minimalist shelves are an ideal way to display them all. Check out my list of shelving ideas for more inspiration.

7. Get Ready for the Big Screen

Amazon Dell WIde Monitor Curved Desk Accessory for Men

While some tech is getting smaller, others are getting bigger, which can be good. Wide computer monitors reduce the need for multiple monitors while improving the look of your desk. Some are curved and so wide that you will feel like you can step right inside your computer.

8. Mix Things Up with Modular Furniture

Part of a minimalist lifestyle is doing more with less, which is where multi-functional furniture comes in. You can choose minimalist desk designs with hidden drawers for clean storage or foldable designs like Murphy desks, wall desks, and flippable side tables that double as laptop tables. Sofa bed designs are also getting cleaner, making rooms in homes more useful for work and play. Movable walls are also sliding more into our lives.

9. Accessories Your Desk With Minimalist Beauty

Minimalist desk accessories seem to get more popular each year. Here are some of the top companies that excel at the minimalist aesthetic while still giving you access to everything you need.

●     Oakywood

●     Govemade

●     Artifox

●     Balolo

10. Enjoy a Mini Workout

Walking pads are growing in popularity thanks to more people working from home. They work with standing desks to keep you in better shape and awaken your creativity during your workday. The designs are sleeker than treadmills, and some fold in half. You can easily store one under a sofa or inside a closet.

11. Get Creative With Textured Wall Art

Textured all art

Textured wall art follows the Wabi-sabi style, a form of minimalist design. The highly textured art exudes a natural look, and the rich textures are sure to elevate the look of home office setups – especially in Japandi offices. It is most commonly sold in a single color, cream being the most popular, but you can also choose a full range of colors.

You can buy pre-made textured wall art affordably, but if you love arts and crafts, you can also make the art yourself.

Rosstopia: Your Home for Minimal Desk Setups

Minimalism is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle. By embracing it in your home office, you create a visually appealing workspace that is functional and hungry for productivity. By having less, you make more room for creativity and productivity.

For more minimalist ideas and setups, check out my other home office blogs. Each one touches on the topic.

What is a minimal desk setup?

It’s a decluttered workspace that focuses on functionality and aesthetics, ensuring you have what you need and nothing more.

How can I achieve a minimal desk look?

Start by decluttering, invest in multi-functional furniture, incorporate natural elements, and add personal touches to make the space uniquely yours. Add soft lighting, minimalist accessories, and art to complete the look.

Are minimal desks expensive?

Not necessarily! With some creativity and DIY spirit, you can achieve a minimal look on a budget. Even then, the style is about using less, so you spend less than other design styles.