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The increase in businesses offering remote work has brought a boom in the number of people working from home – and more demand for effective home office setups. I’m here to help.

I have been an interior designer for six years and was a marketing manager for an award-winning home furnishings brand for an additional six. I sold products from top-tier brands like Herman Miller and Knoll for an additional two. I have written content for interior designers, architects, and home products for the past five years.

In my time working from home and discussing, selling, and using home office products, I have learned that an effective workspace is a tool for growth. It improves focus and productivity to boost your income and help you develop that next big idea to take your success further.

A workspace is also where you spend the most time each day. The more attractive and comfortable it is, the more you want to be there, making it easier to tap into those other benefits.

A well-designed office does all of this, but it doesn’t stop there. Working from home offers unrestricted focus and efficiency, taking your growth to the next level. You also improve your home life by creating a comfortable place to relax on a day off and dive into personal interests, making life at home even more comfortable and rewarding.

The right products, productivity tips, and design solutions make the difference. I am using my knowledge and expertise to help you get the most from this increasingly popular way of working.

It’s a whole new world. I’m here to help you take advantage of it.

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