Best Textured Wall Art of 2024

Have you ever stared at a plain wall and wanted to add more engagement, richness, and depth? Textured wall art does all of it. The art has a modern yet timeless feel and uses a less-is-more aesthetic to draw in the eye and connect us to a feeling of nature.

Textured wall art is popular in modern design styles, such as Scandinavian, Japandi, Biophilic, and mid-century modern. Use it as stand-alone art in a living room, dining room, or home office, or combine multiple pieces to create a gallery wall in a hallway. The location options are endless.

I love textured wall art for all of these benefits and find it an especially easy and engaging solution for accent walls and minimalist home offices. This type of art is also relatively inexpensive compared to other kinds of art, yet still beautiful and alluring. You can dramatically improve a room’s look at a relatively low cost. Generally speaking, textured wall art is one of the happy stories in home design. The trick, however, is finding one that reads like true art.

This article lays out some of the best textured wall art on the market today. These selections will attract the eye and make your living spaces come alive, all without overpowering the room.

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Best Textured Wall Art of 2024

Here are some of the best textured wall art on the market today and the sellers who offer them. More options from each seller are available on their website. 

1. Zionart Large Black and White Abstract Canvas

Seller: Amazon


Amazon is a great source for textured wall art, and this grouping of pieces is one of the best. If you are a fan of abstract impressionist artists like Robert Motherwell or Franz Klein, this option might be right for you. You get 11 design options, most in abstract black and white. They (oddly) include one realistic portrait of Paris. Whatever floats their boat… and yours.

The work looks beautiful on walls in colors from white to black and everything in between. Even better if your home has light wood flooring, furniture, or wall paneling.

This artwork is well-made. The larger the piece you buy, the more the beauty increases. You also get quality art for the price.


  • Sizing: 11 sizes ranging from 24″ to 36″ W x 24″ x 48″ H
  • Colors: Black and white (one has a full range of multiple colors)
  • Materials: Palette knife, canvas, acrylic paint, wood frame
  • Pricing: $59 to $129 (depending on size)

Pros & Cons


  • A quality art piece
  • Worth the price
  • The bigger the canvas, the better the look


  • Some areas may be missing paint
  • They can arrive damaged, causing chips in the paint. Review it carefully before asking for a return.

2. Art-Theory Studio Textured Wall Art

Seller: Etsy


This artwork is one of the best-textured wall art on Etsy and one of the cheapest. You can even buy its biggest option with a wood “Japandi” frame at a relatively low cost. Choose from sizes from five sizes and three frame styles. 

Each piece is handmade, which means each is slightly different. The artwork comes in a soft white/putty color that goes with pretty much everything on the planet, but you can also choose from a total of eight rich colors by the same artist for added engagement. 

If issues arise with the product, the seller responds quickly, but most owners are happy. 


  • Sizing: Five sizes ranging from 16 to 36″ W x 20 to 40″ H
  • Colors: 8 color options
  • Materials: plaster on cotton canvas, optional wood frames
  • Pricing: Ranges from $75 to $320

Pros & Cons 


  • Beautiful design
  • A less-is-more aesthetic
  • Optional wood frames
  • Handmade (each is slightly different.)
  • Eight color options


It comes in single colors rather than dual

3. SIGNLEADER Mid-Century Modern Wall Art

Seller: Wayfair


Wayfair is an excellent source for some of the best textured wall art. This option is your mid-century modern solution, but the clean geometry works with other styles, such as today’s Art Deco and rounded furniture styles. You also get a two-toned design without the second color being a stark black. The soft tones of the canvas and wood-like frame are warm and inviting. You also get three options of frames.

This option is a good value because you get two canvases at this price. The frames are not natural wood but look real and are sturdy. You can hang the pieces horizontally or vertically. 

[Write a quick overview of the product]


  • Sizing: 16″ H x 24″W each (flippable) 
  • Colors: Creamy white with soft pink and natural light wood 
  • Materials: Canvas and MDF
  • Pricing: Under $110 

Pros & Cons 


  • The frames are sturdy and attractive
  • Can hang it horizontally or vertically 
  • A strong choice for homes featuring rounded furniture


The two tones in the art may not be as strong as in the photos.

4. ‘KAITEI’ Framed Wall Art

Seller: CB2 


This white-on-white artwork by Ksenia Sizaya is a stand-out piece due to its composition and overall styling. You get the less-is-more look familiar in textured wall art and the talented patterning of a talented artist. The walnut-veneer frame adds to its appeal, as does the painting’s story: it is an abstract interpretation of fractional coral patterns. This is by no means a slab of messy plaster on a wall.

It is higher priced than some options but worth it. CB2 also has a feature that lets you look at the art in your room electronically, taking away some of the stress. It comes in only one size, but it’s the right one – and flippable.


  • Sizing: 36″W x 40″ H (“Flippable) 
  • Colors: White and walnut veneer frame
  • Materials: FSC-certified walnut veneer frame
  • Comes with hanging accessories
  • Pricing: $349

Pros & Cons


  • Excels in its minimalistic beauty
  • Flippable design
  • Rich walnut veneer frame


  • Price
  • One size

5. Textured Plaster Wall Art

Seller: West Elm


This piece takes a more modern approach while maintaining an underlying natural feel. It is so understated that it becomes part of its charm, capturing the eye. Choose from one of two patterns or hang both to create more of a gallery look. Each comes in only one size, but you can hang each vertically or horizontally.

The plaster is placed on engineered wood for an ultra-flat look. The surrounding engineered wood frame is also thin and graceful, adding to the art’s appeal.


  • Sizing: 30″W x 40″ H (flippable) 
  • Colors: White with engineered wood frame
  • Materials: Plaster compound painted over engineered wood
  • Hanging hardware included
  • Pricing: $249 each

Pros & Cons 


  • A modern take on textured wall art
  • Two pattern options
  • Flippable design


  • One size
  • The look may be too subtle for some tastes

6. Wabi-Sabi Painting by June Wei

Seller: Artexplore 


The term wabi-sabi is all about beauty from imperfection. Japanese design often uses this as a reference point. At the same time, much of the Japanese aesthetic uses a minimalist mindset, and this artwork adapts both traits beautifully. The structured rectangles evoke order and precision, while the textured surface brings out the imperfect aspects, creating a harmonious balance that results in calm yet engaging art.

It comes in 11 sizes, and you can buy it without a frame or in six frame options, including gold, silver, and wood. All these benefits make matching your home’s look easy.

Each piece is made to order, with an estimated processing time of 1-3 weeks. The artist also allows for customizations. The company also offers free shipping.


  • Sizing: 11 sizes (LINK)
  • Colors: White and optional colored frames
  • Materials: Professional oil/acrylic paints.
  • Pricing: $250 – $2,415 (depending on the size)

Pros & Cons


  • Handmade
  • It’s a beautiful wabi-sabi option.
  • 11 sizes
  • Frameless or 6 framed options
  • Free shipping
  • Customizations available


  • This is not a plaster piece, but it is still heavily textured
  • This is a higher-priced option
  • Up to a three-week creation time

7. Wabi-Sabi Painting by Stephen Huang

Seller: MesonArt


Not to be outdone by our previous entry, this company offers many wabi-sabi options, and this selection features an ocean theme. Textured wall art is not always abstract but still combines an earthy texture with nature scenes. This is one of the better ones. 

The company also offers a whole range of abstract wabi-sabi-inspired pieces if desired. Be on the lookout for the wabi-sabit art trend to continue, especially in nature-inspired homes such as Japandi homes and with minimalist home office desk setups.

This piece comes in a whopping 14 sizes, six frame options, and one frameless option. The canvas used is high quality, and the material is a blend of oil and acrylic. The artist also allows for customizations.


  • Sizing: 14 sizes. You’re sure to find a size that works.
  • Colors: Beige and white with tones of greyish blue. Frames come in gold, metal, white, black, and natural wood
  • Materials: Professional oil/acrylic paints on linen canvas.
  • Pricing: $185 to $1,265 (depending on size)

Pros & Cons


  • Handmade
  • A scenic wabi-sabi option 
  • 11 sizes
  • 6 frame options or frameless
  • Free shipping


  • This is not a plaster piece, but it is still heavily textured
  • Up to a three-week creation timeframe

What Is Textured Wall Art? 

Textured wall art is any painting of plastering on canvas that shows texture or evokes it in its design. True texture is often used for a tactile, 3D-like experience similar to sculptures. They often have an earthy, handmade look, some with cracks and other imperfections.

Textured wall art is often made from materials such as white plaster, white acrylic paint, drywall mud, or joint compound, though some come in various colors. Artists often put the material onto new canvas or wood panels with a putty knife. Straight or curved lines are sometimes used to create geometric shapes. Many art pieces come framed in materials like natural wood or metallic finishes, or they can be sold as rolled canvases or stretched canvases.

How Can Textured Wall Art Benefit You

Textured wall art is an easy way to create drama in a space without overwhelming it. Often, they consist of neutral colors, usually just one or two. This means it works beautifully in minimalist decor settings. 

This work is often less expensive than other work due to it being less work to accomplish than, say, a colored portrait, though many can be quite beautiful and are priced accordingly.

Buyers Guide: Choosing Textured Wall Art 

For this list, I prioritized features such as:

  • Beauty: The blend of color and texture and their resulting composition. 
  • Framing: Good quality framing makes the artwork appear more purposeful, adding to the look and experience of the piece.
  • Pricing: I looked for designs and materials that were on par with their pricing
  • Customizations: If the artist can customize the art. 

Textured Wall Art: Your Answer for Minimalist Texture

These pieces take a simple approach to textured art, but that simplicity is exactly the point. Even in colors other than white, these art pieces show beauty and richness in blending minimalism and nature. At the same time, they don’t overwhelm your home’s look. They create a perfect balance in modern settings where decorations are minimal.

These designs can improve your home’s look at much less expense than many other artwork options. Choose any of the options above and see how it adds to the experience of a room.