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18 Minimalist Office Décor Ideas

If there is one interior design style that blends simplicity and functionality most, it is minimalism. No other interior design does so much with so little.

Being able to maintain a clean and orderly workspace while still having the tools needed for real work have made minimalism a popular office design style. As an interior designer focusing on home offices, I also use it. The lack of clutter showcases the beauty of my desk items while keeping all my tools close at hand and my mind less cluttered for better work performance, which is the primary goal of any office setup.

In previous articles, I discussed how to create a minimalist home office and laid out the latest trends in minimal desk setups. Now, it’s time to dive deeper. Here are some of the best minimalist office décor products I have found for every corner of your workspace.  The most effective products give you all you need for real work without overwhelming your space. These minimalist office ideas do just that.

These products are both beautiful and functional, helping you feel right at home while at work. Since a minimalist aesthetic generally stands up to the test of time, these items are also worthy of investment. 

a yellow chair sitting in front of a wood slat wall

Wall paneling is a clean and easy way to enrich the look of your office space while reducing noise. You can choose soft, neutral colors like gray, white, beige, brown, or soft blues and greens, or add a bold color with today’s vibrant tones. Wood adds richness while exuding a minimalist Japanese, Scandinavian, or Japandi vibe. Even if you limit it to an accent wall, you significantly improve the look and functionality of your room. 

This product is my favorite. For more options, see my article on accent walls.

A desk is another large item in your workspace, so choosing a cleaned-lined, simple design is an important step. Regarding desk colors, you won’t get cleaner than white. Still, it isn’t the only option. Minimalism is about avoiding busyness and distractions, so as long as your space uses minimal colors, you’re good. This includes black desks and designs with solid wood tops and hidden storage. 

I use a white desk myself for an ultra-minimalist desk design and love the light look. You can also buy desks to match your wall color, such as black. I use a Flexispot desk and love it. The price is affordable, and it doubles as a sit-stand desk.

That said, Japandi is also an excellent minimalist style for home offices. Check out my list of best Japandi desks for options.

If you have a small office space at home, a corner desk is a minimalist way to save space, and you can keep it clutter-free. Check out my article on corner desks for some recommended designs. Some work as a standing desk and include a desk drawer that doubles as a keyboard tray. 

aeron chair amazon

An ergonomic desk chair with back support can prevent back and neck pain while still being comfortable and stylish. I recommend the Aeron Chair, and it even comes in a new, light gray design that looks fantastic in a white office. My wife owns one, and it creates a truly clean look. 

The Aeron chair comes in three sizes, making it a great choice for users from short to tall.

brown wooden shelf with assorted items

Shelves help you maximize storage without crowding your workspace. You can match your wall colors or create engaging compliments with other wall colors or wood tones. Metal offers extra-thin storage, while wood adds a rich, natural touch. 

Here are the wood and metal options I love. Check out my article on shelving for more options.

white wooden cabinet with green plant on top

If you want to hide papers and tools away while keeping them near your workstation, a cabinet is an ideal solution. There are many clean cabinets out there at practically any size you need. I have had luck shopping on Wayfair for attractive yet affordable options with plenty of storage space and height options. The sky is the limit.

Quartet glass whiteboard

White is the cleanest color, making a whiteboard the cleanest option of recording ideas. Still, you can choose or create other colors of whiteboards to match your wall color. Glass is the most durable whiteboard option, and some boards are still magnetic for storage shelves. You can paint the back of the glass to match your walls or choose a company that offers pre-painted designs. This company is the best in terms of glass whiteboards.

See my other articles covering today’s best whiteboard options and alternative solutions like desk mats, notebooks, and electronic smartboards. 

Walnut cup shaped pen holder

Whether you have one pen or pencil you love or a range of writing tools you need such as highlighters, These options do the trick. Some pens work better propped up to keep the ink near the tip, but lie-down options also protect the tip.

Oakywood Multi Charger

This is one of my favorite minimalist desk setup tools. A minimalist device charger charges more than one device. Otherwise, you will have devices scattered across your desk. This option is one I currently use, and I love the functionality, and the natural wood design brings a yin-yang feel to my electronic devices for a peaceful feel. 

acrylic paper holder

White may be the cleanest color, but the cleaner look has no color at all. Acrylic paper holders keep all your papers close at hand without cluttering up the look of your desk. Stack as many as needed. This design does the trick.

If you prefer to hide the papers, opt for a holder the same color as your walls or desk surface. This wood option is one of my favorites, and this metal option is an ultra-clean look I currently use. 


A desk mat protects your desk and provides comfortable typing. Material options range, but you can find a full range of ultra-clean designs in my article on best desk mats. By far, the cleanest is glass, which can also double as a whiteboard, but if you prefer not to go shiny, opt for a desk mat that looks warm and matches or beautifully complements the surface of your desk. 

VIVO Articulating-Single Monitor Arm White

You have two monitor mount options: mounts (term) or stands (term). Mounts offer the lightest appearance, are highly adjustable, and ensure you have enough space on your desk for working. You can buy a white mount like I own to match white walls or choose black to match your monitor frame and other computer equipment. 

One word of caution with mounts is that the weight on your desk in one small area can lead to your desk bending at that spot over time. The solution is to position the base closest to the outdoor edges near the legs. Another option is using a wider stand to disperse the weight to avoid this issue. Still, you can reduce the issue with mounts by mounting it closer to the rear edge of the top near the legs. 

For stands, you can choose white, black, or wood options that match your desk. 

Macally laptop stand for minimalist office decor

If you use a laptop, you have many minimalist options, including some that are adjustable with moveable arms.

My favorite metal option is the Macally laptop stand. The line of SAMDI laptop stands offer a great range of wood options to cover any taste and need.

Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light

Light bars may appear to be distracting, but I quickly got used to it and became a believer. It has completely eliminated my need and desire for a table lamp.

A light bar is by far the cleanest desk light option. It mounts to the edge of your monitor, providing more desk space than with a traditional light. It also sits in the middle of the desk, which means you don’t get shadows across your notebook if taking notes, whether you are left or right-handed. Some turn off automatically when you turn off your monitor. 

my light bar on my desk

I found the Xiaomi Mi computer monitor light bar to be the best thanks to its blend of looks and price. For more options, check out my article covering the best light bars out today.

Monoprice Under Desk Cable Tray

Even if you keep your desk area tidy, a mess of cords will keep your workspace from looking and feeling clean and organized. Cable management is often included with desks, but you can also add it easily. You get easy access to cords while maintaining a minimalist look. 

Here is a look at some of the best cable management solutions I have found.

tilt shift lens photo of glass bowl

As I explain in my minimal desk setups article, plants create a holistic, balanced workspace. They can be small – such as succulents on your desk or wall, or large – such as a standing plant in the corner. You can choose clear glass containers or clean, modern shapes and colors to blend in with your room. 

Here are a few products that display plants cleanly so that you can indulge in their beauty. If you are low on natural light, add a UV light to keep those plants happy. Some plant lights look pretty chic, adding to the look of your workspace. 

vesgantti love seat for home office

A room’s look is defined most by its largest items, making a sofa or lounge chair an important consideration. Opt for one with clean lines for the most minimal look. This article on my favorite office sofas lists options that won’t break the bank. Some double as sleepers, making them highly functional and, therefore, even more minimalist. 

Many lounge chairs double as status symbols since they are unique and often recognized as calling cards for furniture designers. If you have an ample sized budget, you will truly show professionalism with an Eames Chair. If your budget is smaller, you can still show your status by selecting a unique, less-is-more design. 

handmade wabi sabi art in wave patterns

Wall art is a great way to show your taste and personality for a more comfortable and inspiring office. It also improves engagement during your next Zoom calls. 

You can go minimalist while bringing your personal touch with textured wall art or hang up your favorite minimalist art pieces. Clean, abstract artwork especially well in minimalist spaces. You can still have color, but keep it simple for a less cluttered look and feel. 

organic shaped mirror

What if you are the art? A mirror creates added engagement wherever it goes and gives you a quick and easy place for added engagement. You can also quickly check yourself over before your next Zoom call. A mirror also reflects surrounding light, brightening the space and reflecting more greenery while making the space feel larger. Choose from simple square shapes or organic shapes like this one that doubles as art.

Conclusion/Wrap Up 

These items keep desk space spacious, free of clutter, organized, and functional for real work. Their appealing design also makes your office look terrific. You will have a workspace where you love to be, helping you get more done for improved growth.